Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Flies

They used to say time flies when you're having fun. But it seems these days time flies whether you're having fun or not!

Remember when you were a youngster standing at the end of another school term, how long the summer holidays stretched in front of you? They were like a never-ending skipping rope of fun and freedom. That was how it felt at the beginning, but we all know, with each passing year it seemed like someone fooled with the holidays and they got shorter and zoomed by faster.

A few weeks ago I was chatting with my cousin about how quickly life happens. She mused that someone, somewhere must be taking away a few weeks from each year. Instead of four in a month, now there's only two. You start the month, you blink, and it's gone.

I used to feel cheated because the days passed so quickly. It always felt like I was trying to hold the reins of a runaway team of horses. I wanted to savor my life more slowly. I wanted to find a way to capture that childhood sense of timelessness.

Then one day something dawned on me. Why was I trying to hold it back? There was nothing to be done about it. Let the days fly if they must.

Instead of trying to 'slow' time down, it's more important to learn how to be more selective in my choices and to learn how to make the most of the days I do have, to make a difference to others, to create a little 'heaven on earth' in my corner of the world.

So let the days fly... maybe we'll learn how to ride the winds of time with the grace and ease that eagles do as they soar far above us.

Happy day,


  1. Beautifully put, Brenda - choosing how to spend these fleeting days is what's most important.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Very thoughtful. Lot there to thing about. Thanks for a good reflection item. I am going to reflect on that right now.

  3. good thoughts, it helps when we have gratitude in each day to savor it more. i agree time is flying...


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