Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spotted in the Garden

Miss Kitty on garden patrol

Miss Kitty loves to go out in the garden, and even though we have a lot of birds coming to the feeders and some that nest in our birdhouses, Kitty's pretty mellow about their presence.

The magpies shriek whenever they see her outside, but the other birds tend to ignore her. She will crouch and swish her tail once in a while, but mostly she minds her own business (that is to say, she's much more interested in the mouse family she's spotted near the compost bins.

There's my little glimpse of purry 'heaven' ... wishing you your own divine glimpses in unexpected places today.



  1. Lovely friends in your garden, Barbara!

  2. such a cute kitty, and your flower photos WOW--can't get enough of them; thanks


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