Saturday, June 06, 2009

Grateful For These Five Things

Quick... without thinking, list five things you are grateful for today...

1. I don't have to work in an assembly line factory. Today I thank those who do.

2. I don't have to live where I need to hunt for cow paddies before I can cook breakfast. How did I come up with this one? We went bird-watching yesterday and happened upon a field of cattle grazing in a meadow. Well, you know what you find then, right?

3. I can make memories with loved ones today because we're celebrating several birthdays. Plus, with celebrations, come birthday cake and delicious meals to savour and enjoy.

4. For library books to read and browse through. Aren't libraries great?

5. For sunshine after the beautiful rain yesterday and that it wasn't snow because it snowed elsewhere around these parts yesterday.
What do you find yourself grateful for today?



  1. Yes, libraries are great. I love going there and usually do every week. I live a couple miles away from 3 of them!!

  2. sounds like you are busy, happy and enjoying life. your books sound interesting. I've been writing writing writing-compiled 50 of my articles into a book. Now just need a cover and to proof it before printing, binding etc.

  3. Saturdays must be the day for gratitude. I wrote a post about that too!! Love all the great things you checked out at the library. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I loved your five things to be grateful for. Never mind how grateful I am that we did not get snow like Calgary! Hope you had a great day celebrating birthdays.

  5. I agree, libraries are great!!...and #5 I am grateful for that too!

  6. We like bullet-point posts like that -- brief and to the point! Our human dad works at a library and likes to poke around in the shelves to find interesting stuff. We're glad he doesn't have to work on an assembly line or any of the jobs mentioned in Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed."

  7. Libraries are great Brenda - sounds like a great selection of books you have to browse. Hope you enjoyed the remainder of your weekend. We had rain too! A x

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

    I work at a library so it does me good to hear someone speak well of them. I enjoyed your list of grateful things. Made me smile. Have a great day!


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