Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Favourite Weather

"My favourite weather is bird-chirping weather."
~Loire Hartwould

* * *

Have a wonderful weekend.
I'm out in the garden! Where are you?



  1. I love bird chirping weather too! Beautiful bird pics!

  2. summer is here. we even got a 10 minute rain storm today...hurrah! everything is blooming and it's wonderful outside.

  3. Oh yea ... I'm out in the garden enjoying the sun and playing in the dirt!
    Boy, do you have the birds! Just a bit envious.
    How do you get Miss Kitty to leave them alone?

  4. I spent the afternoon at Spruce Meadows watching the Grand Prix of horse jumping with Becca! La de dah, it was fun!

  5. Thanks Betty for stopping by!

    Lin, I enjoy those quick rain storms too -- we really need rain around here, so a few rain storms would be wonderful.

    Christine -- We've had a really wonderful year for birds in our backyard. It wasn't always so, but the trees in our neighbourhood are maturing, and I also like to think that we create an environment that attracts them -- lots of feeders and water spots. We just finished watching a little wren take over a sparrow nest. He obviously wasn't happy with the previous owner's decorating as we watched feathers and assorted nest material fly out of the little entrance. It was hilarious.

    You ask about Miss Kitty -- for the most part she ignores the birds and the birds ignore her. She swishes her tail sometimes and looks like she's eagle-eyeing them. But mostly she minds her own business. Can't say the same thing for the neighbour kitties. As lovely as they are, they are well aware of our little birds, so we have to keep an eye on them.

    Janet -- Your outing sounds like fun. Was it Becca's cheering day today? It was perfect weather.

  6. Usually it's really, really hot in June in Arizona. But for some wonderful, unknown reason, we've had cooler than normal temps, and the birds are loving it! I love the wee humming birds, and the cactus wrens (such amazing songs), and even the common woodpecker. Finches and doves are busy with flying lessons for the next generations, and hawks ride the thermals for hours on end.

  7. Love that robin! Mom is in the laundry room, cleaning out her closet and washing floors. Mom is No Fun this weekend!

  8. Ah, you have goldfinches too! We like to see them from our window and wish we could invite the little yellow birds inside for supper.

    Our human mowed the lawn yesterday between rainshowers. Today it's warm and sunny -- why didn't he wait until today to mow?

  9. Thankfully I found your beautiful blog through your visit to mine. Your photography is amazing and I really like the quote on today's post. I will be back.


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