Friday, March 13, 2009

One Thing At A Time

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Sometimes my task seems so overwhelming that I'm tempted to give up before I even begin. It can happen with housework, studying, planting and gardening, writing, praying, paper piling on the desk, spending time with people.

It also happens when I look at the world around me... the overwhelming needs of people in dire straits. Millions starving... it all seems too big to comprehend, never mind find a way to make a difference.

But Mother Teresa, bless her soul, found a way. As an ardent admirer of this beautiful woman, I often wondered how she could deal with what must have looked like an overwhelming, never-ending sea of people in need. How did she cope? How did she keep from laying down one day and saying, this is too big, there's too many, I can't do this anymore?

Then one day many years ago, I learned her secret. It was revealed in such a simple thought: "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."

WOW! When you think about it, how perfect these wise words fit for every circumstance of life. No matter how great or small, that is the secret to accomplishing anything.

Mother Teresa's words have become a guiding star for me. How many times have I reminded myself to stop worrying about numbers, just do one thing, and start with the one nearest me. And, it works wonders every time. My world rights itself; I can see the trees for the forest, and all is in focus again.

One little woman, one little phrase, one awesome impact! It's beautiful!

Gratefully re-focused,


  1. great thought and maybe the one person nearest is ourselves and taking the time to fill our well spirtually before we head out to help others on an empty well.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit and leaving such a lovely note. Best of luck on the 20th with my Giveaway!

    This is my achilles heel...being stopped dead in my tracks by a sense of being overwhelmed by whatever task is before me. It requires a very real conscious act to step back and take that one step forward, however small, a step in faith that somehow, I will accomplish what I've set out to do.

    You have a beautiful 'home' here. Very cheerful and inviting. I'll be back to visit again.


  3. So true, Lin!

    Carolynn, I enjoyed your return visit and for leaving footprints on a few postings! Appreciate your kind comments!

  4. I can also relate to that feeling of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be done at times. Good advice, after all we can only do one thing at a time, even us women! I'll certainly try to bear the thought in mind next time the world seems to be crowding in. A x

  5. That's a beautiful thought! I've been so tired of hearing about this buzz word - multi-skilled. I'd rather be truly focused on one thing at a time. We can't properly focus on multiple things. Thanks for your post.

  6. I love those thoughts and how true was her thoughts about helping the person next to you!!

  7. Wonderful post. And oh so true. I'm on a mission to do small things every day and it lifts me to focus on that. "There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."---John Andrew Holmes

  8. I lean towards agreeing with Karin. I always thought "multi-tasking" was a silly thing to be proud of. Not that it's bad. Salads make wonderful meals. One bite with lots of flavors in it. But...somehow you miss the rich, robust flavor of a red tomatoe, picked fresh from the garden, or a tree ripened nectarine that spills it's sweetness into your mouth as the juices drip down to your wrist. One flavor at a time...yum!

    I like to concentrate on one thing at a time, to luxuriate in the moment.

    And I like to really HEAR what someone is saying... to swallow their thoughts whole and let them nourish me. I can't do that when I hear too many voices coming at me at once.

    I figure if you try to divide one piece of bread among twelve people... you're still going to have twelve hungry, weak people to deal with... but if you feed the slice to one person... he'll be nourished and can help you make or find bread for the others.

    I'm taking too long and making not much sense. I enjoyed this post...well... when don't I enjoy your posts? They're always wonderful. I've missed you while I've been away.

  9. i love this mother teresa's statement, and the refocusing....makes me feel much better about my life :)

    reminds me of a line from a song..."little is much when God is in it"


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