Friday, March 06, 2009

Gloves and Shirt Tales

Brooke Cagle /

It's Friday and it's a good day for a a little fun and frivolity. I'm reminded me of a little story which a former co-worker told us happened to her aunt.

Years ago when women still donned hats and gloves while going out in public, Rhonda's aunt was riding the trolley on her way to work one morning. No seats were available, so she held onto the strap above, swaying in the aisle as the trolley lumped and lurched.
Suddenly one of her gloves (apparently she'd taken them off) fell into the lap of a seated, slightly derelict old fellow, who was snoozing at the time. Horrified, she could seeing her glove sitting primly on this old guy's lap. How would she retrieve it -- to just pluck it up off his lap was not an option, what with the trolley swaying at any moment.
As she's pondering, the old fellow wakes up and reaches for the bell pull. He glances down at his lap, looks at the glove sitting there, and with nary a thought grabs the glove and tucks it safely into his trousers. Probably thought it was his shirt tail sticking out.
We often wondered what the fellow thought when he got home that night. Something interesting had happened during the day, and he'd missed it! We often wondered what his wife thought too!

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  1. Hi Brenda - a great idea to share the stories this way - it will be interesting to see how far it runs. Frivolous Friday sounds good.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog too. A x

  2. Real life is chocked full of humor! I so love a good laugh. Thanks for sharing such a delightful tale!

  3. What a funny story...and now I'm going to wonder what he did think when he found that glove tucked into his pants?????

  4. Brenda- Oh, how you bring joy to those around you, Sweetie! What a wonderful story!:) Lori

  5. Remember that song from the Mary Poppins movie, "I Love to Laugh"?

    Well, I have to say that love of laughter and laughing is right up there on my Ten Most Favourite Things to Do.

    And it's ever so much more fun when we share it with people who also see the funny side of things.

    Thank you, dear friends, for leaving your happy footprint on my blog today!

  6. Brenda,

    I had forgotten all about that story until I read it in your blog. I'm glad you reminded me of it - it's priceless! Thanks for the chuckle. I can tell by your blog (which is awesome, by the way!) that you are doing well and I'm glad to know that.

    Take care and keep laughing!


  7. Rhonda -- what a treat to hear from you! Of course, along with that old story, I was also reminded of your other story -- the slip around your ankles in Woodwards Department Store!
    Remember? ha ha ha

  8. You are right...a glove...a b├╝stenhalter. Not much difference at least in the laugh department. That is a great story, Brenda.

    Life is too short not to laugh! Blessings and Joy...x


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