Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Little List Of Favourites

Why do we love creating lists of our favourite things? 

Perhaps it was Maria von Trapp cum Julie Andrews who got us started when she first sang that catchy little melody about loving brown paper packages wrapped up with string. And how remembering favourite things can help take little minds off bee stings and dog bites. We certainly know the pleasure in remembering favoured objects and experiences. And, we now know just how beneficial good thoughts are towards creating an overall sense of well being.

I could do with a little sense of well being on this blustery morning, so I'm offering this latest list in the order in which it came to mind....

1. The delight of reading in bed before I get up to face the day

2. Laughing and being around people who make me laugh

3. Miss Kitty, especially when she's curled up on my lap, loudly purring

4. Collecting quotes and sayings in notebooks

5. The beautiful Victoria Magazine

6. Bold, colourful flowers

7. Getting an aha moment out of the blue

8. Receiving compliments from people who read the newsletter I love to write

9. Blogging

10. Jesus, Rick, my mom, my family, you....

Blow, Wind, blow -- we're happy now.



  1. Hmmm, blustery - do we live in the same city? Traffic I can see out of my 9th story apartment is slower than molasses! I'm staying put and will read, and blog, and maybe do some laundry, have brunch with hubby, etc. etc.

  2. Yep, we're friends alright. I know what you mean on all these things. I like your list.

  3. I love the bright colors one. I can tell from the glorious yellow poppies on your blog header that you probably laugh alot. Such a joyous statement just couldn't be made otherwise!

  4. I love to laugh too!! My son makes me laugh on a daily basis!! What a great list Brenda!

  5. Brenda, I love the photo you have at the top of your blog! It is stunning! Thank you for sharing your thankful list.

  6. I loved coming here and seeing all your lovely faces.... and your comments. THANK YOU for stopping by and letting me know you were here.

    Karin (I do think we live hereby)

    Hey Bev, you daffodil lady. It's a good thing there are daffodils somewhere (certainly not where I live today where the wind and tossing snow everywhere!)

    Katherine, with a name like Sassy Granny, I just knew you'd have to like yellow and laughing.

    Staci, what a joy to have those words 'from the mouth of babes' to enrich our lives.

    Joanie, I'm so glad I followed the whim to buy those poppies that day -- they have brought smiles to a lot of people already!

  7. PS... Lin.... didn't think of it that way, but I'm certainly grateful for my happy list!

  8. A great list Brenda - I'm with you on quite a few of those. A x

  9. The second post I put on my blog was a list of 100 Things I'm Grateful For and Love. The list still holds.

    BTW, I've added you to my favourites list. :o)


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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