Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simply Sunday: Let's Be Silly


Zig Ziglar shares an interesting saying in Zig Ziglar's Little Book of Big Quotes. He tells us that the word 'silly' originally meant something quite different to the way we use it today. So I had to share:
"Most of us would be upset if we were accused of being 'silly.' But the word 'silly' comes from the old English word 'selig,' and its literal definition is 'to be blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous."

In light of that definition, may I take the liberty of wishing a wonderfully silly Sunday!

Peace and joy,


  1. interesting word-never would have thought it had that meaning...Sunday is a day to be blessed as we rest, meditate and give thanks for our many blessing.

  2. I love this! What a great message. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I really like this new (to me) definition... However, never let it be said that Caryn was opposed in any way to being goofy from time to time. So the accepted definition suits me just as well.

    Thanks for the sweet thought. I wish a silly "selig" life, to you and yours, Brenda.

  4. Thanks everyone for leaving a note -- I thought it was an interesting 'new' way of thinking of the word. I love its message.

    However, Caryn, I have to agree, I still love the word silly in all its goofiness too.

  5. smile-you are tagged, see my blog today for more info.

  6. I'm smiling, Lin -- I'm popping over to see the tag....


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