Thursday, January 29, 2009

Delight Centered

How often do you make a choice based purely on what delights you as opposed to what you or someone else thinks you should do?

What about the possibilities of make more delight-centered choices in other areas of our lives? Now I'm not talking about a selfish, self-indulgent sort of living, but making choices that will allow us to more cheerfully engage in our daily activities.

When I listen to people, there are many who have a world view that life should be 'nose to the grindstone', and many even anticipate that life should be hard. So they begin to expect that their work, relationships, and life experiences will be harder, rather than easier. (I've also noticed that these people's lives tend to be harder.)

On the other hand, I have also met individuals, including myself, who believe that life, even with its many hardships, still has an undercurrent of beauty and sweetness to it. And it's these people who tend to go through life expecting that good things will come out to meet them. They're the ones who have a gift of making delightful lemonade on hot summer days. (And I've noticed that often these people's lives tend to be less burdensome and lighter.)

What if we could come to believe, and expect, that our choices could lead to more enjoyment of life? What if we could find ways in which to make our decisions more delight-centered and less grinding? I think we'd be living life more beautifully.
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  1. I'm in full agreement with you. I am always a little annoyed by arguments in semantics... but, at the risk of getting one going, I'd suggest that there is a difference between a choice based on "delight" and one based on pleasure. What pleasures us may be indulging in 1/2 pound of dark chocolate lemon truffles... but what delights us may be a huge bouguet of spring flowers. I will find delight this morning in walking to the beach and wiggling my toes in the sand. I will find delight in slowing down and soaking in my surroundings.

    I should probably be loading boxes on the trailer... but, I think I'll chose to do that later in the day so I can delight in the feel of the sun on my skin and the soft breeze in my hair.

    Great thoughts.... You are a woman of such depth and many layers.

  2. fun to hear from my friend caryn on your blog. she is a serendipity sort of person who delights in everything. are we talking about optimists and pessimists? if we have a grateful attitude there is delight to be found in all things.

  3. My dear friends, Caryn and Lin....
    I so delighted in your comments.

    Caryn, further to your thought on pleasure vs delight, perhaps what we're looking at is the delight of the soul, something that goes deeper than physical pleasure, something that truly satisfies and nourishes in the core of us. As much as I enjoy chocolate, I'd find a 1/2 pound not so pleasurable in the end, as my stomach ached and my waistline cramped. But the delight of warm sunshine on our faces on an early spring day seem to be made from an essence that makes the experience unforgettable.

    Lin, I loved your comment...when we have a grateful attitude, there is delight to be found in all things. I so agree!

  4. Your thoughts are particularly important to me right now. I just had a phone conversation that showed me how truly wonderful and delight-centered my life is. Thank you for this post!


  5. I totally agree with you here...wonderful thing to think about more! Thanks. :)

  6. Well said! Now I really know why you enjoyed my description of my 102 year old grandmother when I said she is easily delighted. It's fun to be around people like that!

  7. I love this thought. I try to think of life that way despite some down times--but I find when we think positively--we act that way too!

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