Friday, January 02, 2009

Heaven In A Bowl: Moroccan Chicken-Vegetable Soup


God is great, God is good...
Let us thank Him for our food soup.

That was the simple grace we would chant over our food when we were kids. As a girl I was always grateful for the brevity of this little prayer, since it meant starting lunch almost as soon as we gathered at the table.

Today we are grateful for this soup that enchants us with its exotic fragrance as it bubbles away. The stock, rich and flavourful, is full of good things to eat. Grated carrots, onions, chicken pieces, spices, and couscous simmer in a savoury chicken stock, and is later garnished with green onion tops. 

It goes nicely with tea biscuits or fresh crusty country bread. Doesn't your mouth water at the idea?

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  1. looks delicious, i love homemade soup especially in wintertime when it's cold outside. wish i lived closer. thanks for the recipe.

  2. It smells so good when it's cooking -- it's just not the same when you open a can of Campbells!

  3. Yup1 Yup! Homemade soup is the best winter meal on the planet. Campbells and Progresso and the like just aren't any substitue for the aroma and flavor.

    This looks and sounds wonderful! I hate to admit it, but I have to mention that I don't know what couscous is or where to find it.

    Thanks Brenda!!

  4. Caryn, check out this site for insights into couscous:

    I find the 'instant' kind in our local grocery -- can't remember if it was in the rice section or the ethnic section..... it looks a little like barley rice....

  5. THAT looks delicious! I also like how you presented it. Lovely dish! :)

  6. Thanks, Melanie -- it looks great and it tastes maaa-velous too!


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