Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 70. Kitty Snoozes

I have been visiting a few blogging friends today, including a few kitty cat bloggers.
For instance, I just met Mr. Kelly a handsome sandy coloured puddy-cat. Actually he stopped by to leave a comment for Miss Kitty (who's enjoying the sunshine in the photo above). Just imagine, some kitty-cats have their own blogs.
Miss Kitty certainly has figured out the art of napping and hanging out. She's pretty mellow.
I think we all could take a page from her book. Dogs may have the corner on demonstrating what 'utter and complete joy' looks like, but of all God's creatures, cats really do know how to hang out, let go, and truly take a rest.

Perhaps if we paid more attention to their example, we'd find ourselves being happier and healthier. 

Something to muse about...

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  1. You sure do have the prettiest cats, I must say. Thank you so much for stopping by Brenda. It's so nice to meet you. I hope you visit you again.


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