Saturday, October 04, 2008

Day 48. Carve Out Time For New Projects

Do you ever go merrily along, enjoying all that's going on in your life, only to wake up one morning to realize you have somehow, once again, bitten off more than you can handle? More than you can chew? It was okay and then suddenly it's too much. Now you feel overwhelmed, weary, maybe even a little resentful that you're so overloaded.

It makes sense then to take some time to step back and re-evaluate what's all going on in your life -- especially note what you've been gradually adding to fill the hours of your days. Make a list of everything you do in a typical day. Look the most recent things you've added to your schedule.

No doubt you have probably heard the saying that, in order to simplify and maintain the balance in our lives, when we buy something new for our house or wardrobe, we should also get rid of something old. I believe the same principle fits for the times when we add a new task or role or project to our lives.

To keep layering new projects and jobs on top of existing ones in our usually already busy lives is a quick recipe for burnout and discouragement.
Having learned the hard way, I finally realized that if I want to add a new job or regular event to my schedule, I will need to carefully consider if I have the time or space, and if I don't, to decide what to let go so that it will fit. Time and space needs to be carved out for each additional task or event or engagement you add into your life.
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  1. I am not starting a Mary Kay Business
    I am retired and getting to busy again, just volunteered for something "NEW" and I really think I need to get busy and start carving my "pumpkin"
    Thanks for the great ideas .


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