Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 53. Abkhazi Garden in Victoria

Photo by Brenda Leyland, Abkhazi Garden, Victoria, BC

We just got back from a wee holiday in Victoria, British Columbia. Located on Vancouver Island, we always enjoy coming to this lovely city to visit dear family, as well as to take in the sights and tour some of the well-renown gardens in the area.

This trip we had a chance to visit the Abkhazi Garden. As the brochure so aptly puts it, the "garden offers an escape from the rush of modern life. Created by Prince and Princess Abkhazi, it is a heritage garden famous for its majestic trees and dramatic site....Stay for lunch or afternoon tea in the original house....Our Shop in the Garden offers unique and interesting gifts for all occasions."

If you are ever visiting Victoria, you'll want to put this delightful garden on your list of places to see. For information, check their website at

On a note closer to home, we were delighted to find our own garden still in bloom. Although the days -- and nights -- are definitely getting cooler, the blackening frost has been stayed for another day, so riotous sprays of golden marigolds greeted our return.

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  1. What a beautiful place! By the way since you like autumn like I do, you might be interested in my posts on autumn weddings. I'm working on finding ideas for fall weddings and floral arrangements.

  2. Good to hear from you again, Luv2tch. Hope your research uncovers lots of wonderful ideas for autumn weddings.


  3. since for some reason my comment never arrived, maybe I pushed the 'wrong button . What I had said was I went to vancouver island for seventeen years and never heard of Abkchazi Gardens???
    I looked at the pictures and now I want to go there. Even had the menu from the restaurant that is
    there. The story of who started the gardens was all interesting.
    Now all my flowers are gone here, just shrivelled up and Mel has taken them out of the ground. Have the long wait till next year. this is not the same letter I posted last time as I said I probably would not get back to the island again since my sister passed away this year. I always flew over and she met me at the airport and we had such happy times together. I can only imagine the beautiful flowers she is seeing in heaven. Rosalie


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