Monday, June 20, 2022

Monday Marvels: It Bloomed on the Weekend

"When at last I took the time to look into the heart of a 
flower, it opened up a whole new world; a world where
every country walk would be an adventure, where every
garden would become an enchanted one."

It's Monday morning and here I am still trying to finish a post I worked on last week but couldn't get done. Today is too beautiful to be indoors fiddling with words on a computer screen. Setting the post aside for the moment, instead I want to show you who blossomed open this weekend.

Every season the joy rises up to catch sight of her newly forming buds. And then when the first rose blooms open, well, we're in seventh heaven. We never tire of her loveliness... I give you Miss Peace Rose.

"The woman who for the first time picks a small
flower so that she can have it near her while she
works has taken a step toward joy in life."
my feminine version of HERMAN HESSE's saying

Remembering my dear Dad this Father's Day with great affection
and gratitude. He would have loved the Peace Rose.

Wishing you ease and joy this day,


  1. Miss Peace is a wonder! And the floral embodiment of beauty and pure grace:) Love, love the vignette of Dad's photo and Miss Peace❤

  2. Miss Peace is gorgeous with her deep colours and beautiful form. No wonder her arrival is eagerly anticipated.

  3. We all eagerly await the blooming of your peace rose every year, Brenda! How lovely she is.
    I love that quote you shared!

  4. I can just imagine how wonderful it smells too! Beautiful and uplifting!

  5. What a joy! Miss Peace Rose is a beauty!

  6. She is a beauty! What a great photo of your dad.

  7. Your blog is a feast for the eyes! Love that rose! While we’re having lovely days, the temperature has been hot! Today, our thermometer registered 95 degrees F! Staying indoors where it’s cooler has been our choice.

  8. Ah this s such a special rose. So glad you shared her with us. Enjoy dear friend. Hugs!

  9. That's an event to celebrate!! Gorgeous.


  10. I love that photo of your Dad next to Miss Peace Rose. She is beautiful, and worth celebrating every year. 💖

  11. Oh, Brenda, Miss Peace is glorious. I think I may look forward to seeing her lovely blooms almost as much as you do. When we lived in VA Mike built an arbor over our back gate. I planted 2 climbing peace roses - 1 on each side. They were amazing, friends always wanted to have their photo taken under the arbor.
    Enjoy your blooms and have a wonderful weekend. Hope your weather is not as hot and humid as ours.

  12. Such an old favourite. I love it when the first blooms come out.

  13. Brenda,
    It is 6:45 in the morning. I LOVE and so appreciate your taking the time to share the beauty you bring to us! The Peace Rose is beautiful!! I am staring at my metal arbor to my right and am thinking that perhaps I should try some Peace Roses there.
    It IS a beautiful Rose , I love the thoughts you picked for this blog and am thankful that you had a special Dad to remember over Father’s Day. I was one of those “fortunate” daughters also.
    Thank you!!!! 🌸

  14. Thank you to everyone who left a note here. I read and appreciate each one. I'm so glad here in Blogland we can share the joys with each other of what's blooming in our gardens.


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