Saturday, June 25, 2022

In My Happy Place

"Find your happy place and go there often."

I'm in my happy place when I come into my study, sit at my desk by the window, and open my blog It's A Beautiful Life. I love being here in my creative, musing space. It's the place where I write, commune with God, and connect with my dear blogland community. I love to show up to work on new posts as well as catch up with fellow bloggers and readers I've come to think of as dear friends. And when I can come here first thing in the morning, it grounds me for the rest of the day. I gaze from my window into the back garden. If I'm here really early, I'll watch the predawn slowly brighten the horizon. I listen to the robins sing. I do Morning Pages, write in my journal, read inspired words, whisper prayers for loved ones. I think about what to write and imagine what you might enjoy reading when you visit. It all fills me with sense of well-being.

Alexandra Stoddard once advised that we should do the enjoyable, creative work before our usual chores. We've often heard the adage, work before play, chores before fun stuff. But when I read Alexandra's words many years ago, they resonated with me. Doing what I love first energizes me for the rest of my day, and there's a more graceful, joyful ease as I tend to household chores and other work.  

Happy to report after a short search, I found Alexandra's actual quote, as marked in my copy of  her little Grace Notes book: "Do creative work before your habitual chores. While you do your necessary work you will enjoy it because you will have first satisfied yourself. Create first, then clean up." February 20th entry

And as I sit here, filling my soul with beautiful images and thoughts that thrill and encourage, not only am I now ready to meet my day, I have lovely things to share with others...with you. Oh, something else Alexandra Stoddard said: "You can't be a resource for others unless you nourish yourself." It's true.

"My happy place where love grows from within."

This morning has dawned with yolk-yellow sunshine and pale blue skies. After all the rains, there's such a freshness in the air. I hear stirrings in the kitchen—and I smell coffee brewing—it must be time to sign off.

Wishing you ease and joy this day.

With love,

Top photo: Pansies on my dining table
Bottom Photo: 'Gillian Blade' clematis, by the front door


  1. What wonderful quotes! I need to remember that, as I tend to do chores before play. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a concept—do the fun things first. I have rarely done that. Thanks for the new thought.

  3. When we are fresh and rested for the new day, it’s reasonable to presume our creativity will flow more easily. Chores can often be an energy drain. I have enjoyed reading Alexandra Stoddard in the past, and I agree that we must first nourish ourselves before we’re able to nourish others. Thank you for this post.

  4. I need to dust off all my Alexandra Stoddard books. I love your quote " filling my soul with beautiful images and thoughts that thrill and encourage" and then you gave us an image-"yolk yellow sunshine and pale blue skies." I love it! Thank you for the beauty you share with your gift of writing.

  5. Thank you Brenda, your posts always lift my heart.

  6. I have never heard that Stoddard quote but unless something terribly important pre-empts it, that is something I have always done. I love her reasoning behind it! It's a lovely morning for your happy place and I'm delighted you shared it with us.

  7. I think maybe the "happy place" for each of us is in that thing that we are meant to do, that place where we find satisfaction. Thoughts to ponder . . .

  8. Beautiful words, dear Brenda, and wise ones. I love the image you painted of you at your desk in the early morning watching the "yolk yellow sunshine and pale blue skies" while you write and pray and ponder and create. Thank you for sharing your happy place with us all.

  9. Good morning, dear Brenda. Of course, you know I am a great fan of Alexandra Stoddard's. I believe one could select any line from any of her books and it would be special to share. She has so much wisdom and shares her words in such a lovely way.
    I am happy you have your special "happy place." Everyone needs such a spot ~ it helps hold us together when the world has gone totally mad.
    Wishing you a beautiful day and week ahead ~ stay well.

  10. It's been a long time since I've read Alexandra Stoddard. It seems like a good time to look for her books. I enjoyed hearing you describe your morning routine and your happy place. Mine is at my desk in the morning, too, although in the summer I take to the back porch with my books and notebooks. Lovely post, Brenda.


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