Friday, October 15, 2021

One Ordinary Moment

" There is something very sensual about a letter. The physical
contact of pen to paper, the time set aside to focus thoughts, the folding
of the paper into the envelop, licking it closed, addressing it, 
a chosen stamp, and then the release of the letter to the mailbox 
- are all acts of tenderness. "

It started last evening. I sat down in the light of my cozy desk lamp after supper feeling a little out of sorts in my soul. It was only eight o'clock and twilight had melted into the dark—I certainly didn't want my thoughts dissolving into that inky blackness. I've been thinking of my good friend who is running for council in our upcoming municipal elections and have been meaning to jot her a note. With pen in hand and her bold, beautiful personality in mind, I searched my stationery collection for a card to match that vibrancy. The bold golden sunflower set against a dark blue background was perfect.

Note written, addressed, stamped, I slipped out the front door into the cool evening to drop it into the mailbox across the street... where the half moon, accompanied by one lone star, glimmered over the neighbour's roof top.

The out of sorts feeling disappeared. I saw so clearly again what makes me happy, what continues to offer beauty and reason in this weird world: the simple ritual of writing a card to encourage a friend and the short jaunt from front door to mailbox...'in the misty moonlight'. It brought me back to my senses. That is what my world is mostly made up of these days. Simple and quite ordinary but sometimes utterly stunning. In the words of an unknown someone, it's the power of the ordinary.

On that tiny note, I'm away to get on with the rest of my day. A picnic and drive out into countryside are in the offing. Perhaps another note or two will be written, now that this blog post is finished; I look forward to walking them to the mailbox in the warm autumn sunshine.

PS. If you're wondering why I didn't show a photo of the card I sent, it was safely in the mailbox before realizing I was living in my next blog post, so a photo didn't happen. 🥰 

Wishing you a heart happy weekend,

Top Photo: Image by Tookapic from Pixabay


  1. How lovely to experience those perfect moments. Perfectly ordinary, perfectly wonderful!

  2. These moments are precious. Thank you for the reminder. And that quote is going in my quote book!

  3. A picnic and drive in the countryside sounds perfect!

  4. 'The power of the ordinary' never quite knows what far reaching effects our actions might have. It is so comforting to receive a note of encouragement.

  5. Thoughtfully done and thoughtfully told. I am certain that your friend will be encouraged by your note.

  6. It truly is the simple things which bring the greatest pleasure.

  7. Dear friend, this is a lovely post. I do hope you enjoyed your picnic and drive. I would certainly imagine an October drive through your world would be glorious, as their really are no ordinary moments. They all shine like little gems in their own way - if we catch the light. Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. 'Simple and quite ordinary but sometimes utterly stunning.' truly the best life has to offer. thank-you for blessing us with the reminder and making my very ordinary feel like total luxury!

  9. love that phrase simple and quite we replant two plants that didn't make it through our hot summer in our cooling weather outside-63 degrees is a blessings after suffering through twice that...

  10. Thank you for this reminder! I have those times of feeling “out of sorts with my soul.” I’ll remember to write a note to a friend!

  11. Those ordinary moments can be transcendent when we stop and pay attention. I love this little glimpse into your thought process. I hope you had a wonderful picnic and outing.

  12. Its always nice to receive a letter, a dear friend of mine that I first met in 1961 when we started our nursing training together died two years ago and as we wrote weekly, I so miss those letters. I do write to other friends but some reply with a phone call, when I really only wanted a letter!

  13. Writing letters is such a comforting & hopeful thing to me. I write a lot of cards & letters. I just finished writing up a birthday card with a little gift inside.

    Did you know that letter writing is still alive & well? There are whole groups, blogs, Instagram feeds on writing letters. I'm a member of the 'Victorian Letter Writer's Guild' & have met some of the dearest people through the group. I'm also a member of the group 'Bring Back Paper' on Facebook. Between the two groups I have 8 or 9 faithful letter writing friends. I also enjoy writing to children even though they rarely reply. Still, I remember the joy of a letter when I was a child & it's such fun to receive a handwritten letter.

  14. Your friend will be utterly delighted when receiving that thoughtful card. My being is all about the ordinary moments -- long before it was cool to do so -- so I fully understand how this simple act lifted your own spirits. As I read your lovely post, I was beaming as you told us about this simple, beautiful act. Lovely.

  15. I love the magic of ordinary moments. Proper magic should always hide in plain sight.

  16. Writing letters and sending happy mail have also been one my pandemic coping mechanisms.

  17. How delighted your friend will be receiving your note! I miss the many hand written notes and cards we all used to send, texting just isn't the same thing. What a lovely post, it's made me want to write a lovely note to some of my friends! Thank you so much, xo Lidy

  18. I love receiving Mail and I’m sure your friend appreciated your words to her! How fun to simply walk across the road to post it!

    I think simple rituals and looking for beauty in the ordinary is what keeps me sane. And God, of course!

  19. Letters written or received are certainly a way to pick up one's spirits. I know it always makes me feel better. Hugs!


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