Saturday, July 04, 2020

Miss Marple, Bookish Sayings, and A Rare Sighting

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

" Books are good company, in sad times and happy times,
for books are people—people who have managed to stay alive
by hiding between the covers of a book. "
    E.B. WHITE

I have disappeared down Agatha Christie's Miss Marple rabbit hole. You may recall I mentioned Nemesis in a recent post chatting about books where gardens weave in and out of the story. I have watched the movie Nemesis with actress Joan Hickson as Miss Marple so many times over the years that I can probably recite lines from it.

As with many books turned into movies, a book holds lovely and/or entertaining passages that don't often transfer well into motion picture. In some cases, scenes are shortened or left out; even characters are adapted, all to make the narrative transfer better to the screen. Which is why it has been lovely to read the book the way Ms Christie wrote and intended it.

Having finished Nemesis, I have now started 'The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side'. I'm at the place in the story where village do-gooder Heather Badcock has fallen victim to murder. And, Miss Marple's doctor, upon seeing her pink cheeks and bright eyes, recognizes that his quiet, elderly patient has begun to unravel the puzzle of St. Mary Mead's latest homicide. Miss Marple's nephew, Chief-Inspector Dermot Craddock from Scotland Yard has just been to visit and promises to stay to tea the next time he stops in. 

* * *

It was cool and overcast early this morning -- a perfect day to read a mystery novel indoors. But now I see the sun's peeped out while my attention has been keyboard-focused. And it's turned quite lovely. Happy thought indeed. For there is nothing quite like being out on a summer day reading one's book, all the while listening to the birds chatter or inhaling the scent of roses and mock orange and lavender that wafts on the breeze. 

Before I sign off, let me share a handful of my latest garden pics, paired with a few bookish sayings, as well as the rare sighting of yours truly.

" No man can be called friendless who
has God and the companionship of good books. "

" Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that
dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. "

" Detective stories keep alive a view of the world which ought to be true.
Of course people read them for fun ... But underneath they feed a hunger
for justice ... you offer to divert them, and you show them by stealth the
orderly world in which we should all try to be living. "

" Ah, there's nothing like tea in the afternoon. When the
British Empire collapses, historians will find that it had
made but two invaluable contributions to civilization—
this tea ritual and the detective novel. "

" Cosies are comfortable especially on those days when we want
to curl up with a good book. We won't be scared or horrified
by the gory details, but we will be challenged by a first-rate puzzle
to solve. And at the end of the book we will feel good because
the crime has been solved and justice prevails. "

" Read the best books first, or you may not
have a chance to read them at all "

" Reading never wears me out. "

* * *

Wishing you a beautiful day.

Heart Hugs,


  1. Beautiful flowers. Love to see your smiling face.

  2. Ooooooo I loved that rare sighting. 😊 Thank you for your eloquent words, the beautiful photos - made even more special knowing they are from your own garden - and the wonderful quotes, which I will now transfer to my own quote journal. Happy Saturday.

  3. Miss Marple, in the summertime, on the patio, with the roses--perfect!

  4. A lovely post, Brenda. I've never been one for mystery novels, but I think I might actually enjoy Miss Marple.

  5. Hi there, Lovely Lady. I have been happily watching rather than reading Miss Marple mysteries. I especially like those with Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple. I prefer the calmer settings over the big cities and hotels. I have so many more to watch and am looking forward to it.

  6. Beautiful flowers, a lovely 'rare sighting', and wonderful quotes. I've watched Miss Marple on you tube, also Poirot, which I love, except seeing the last episode was a real shocker and disappointment to me. I've also enjoyed Midsomer Murders, although I like the first couple and sidekick, better than the replacements. Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  7. Sayers' quote is so true!While Sayers was my favorite British mystery author, my sister is a complete Christie fan and has every single book ever written by her as well as biographies about her. I will have to borrow Nemesis from her! I watched some of the old black and white Miss Marple movies last week, starring the older wonderful actress whose name escapes my memory now. I'm sure you know it though, the Dame something who had the marvelous face. And of course Mr. White's quote thrills me, the dear man is so right. I'm never lonely because I have fascinating people right inside the covers of the books on my shelves. Although I have to admit that they don't always take the place of my sweet little granddaughters who I'm so lonely for.

    Thank you for giving us a rare glimpse of you! You look so beautifully happy!

  8. What a treat to have the rare sighting today! I wonder if, like me, you would be happy to see your hairdresser again! Mine is so long now.
    Your garden is delightfully full of the most colourful flowers. I'd love to wander round with you.

  9. Hi Brenda! What lovely photos and I'm so glad you included one of yourself today. I really like that Sayers quote. I love reading detective stories (my current favorite is Poirot) and I enjoy watching crime dramas. I recently finished season 11 of Criminal Minds. I always want to understand why people act the way they do. This understanding does not take away the need for justice but it helps open my eyes to the need to understand others before they reach such levels of desperation. People need a voice before they are so desperate to be heard that they commit crimes. Not excusing the behavior but I think people would find peace if there were more people willing to listen.

  10. Oh, I liked these book quotes. My daughter is a book lover and has a library of books in her home. Your blooms are beautiful. And that pink is such a stunning color. Thank you for visiting us. You have such a lovely blog. Wishing you good July days ahead. : )


  11. Dear Brenda, oh, how I enjoyed all the quotes. I love books also and always count on you for wonderful referrals.

    Wishing you happy July days, full of wonderful stories.

  12. Dear Brenda such wonderful quotes about books. My gracious your flowers are so beautiful. Not only are you a talented writer but a gardener as well. Love seeing your last photo with such a charming smile. Hugs!

  13. It's lovely to see you, and your beautiful garden flowers. I'm reading Emma by Jane Austen just now. The old books are comforting just now.

  14. wonderful post! thank-you. My sister was trying to decide what to read so I suggested she check out your book posts! my want-to-read-list keeps growing, thank-you!:)

  15. Look how lovely you are, Brenda! I love reading. I'm reading a book by a friend, Barbara Cornthwaite. It's called "Brought To Book" and is a 'cozy' mystery. She's a lovely writer. I've also been rereading the Mitford books by Jan Karon and am currently listening to In The Company Of Others." Delightful.

    Your flowers look great and that pink rose is beautiful!

  16. What a nice picture of you Brenda. I have been reading a bunch of Mary Stewart novels. About 7 I think so far. They have been so enjoyable and I'm sad to have read the last one I have. Love all the book quotes. I just checked and saw some Miss Marple on YouTube -- that's what I'll do tonight since my book stash has all been read. (well, this one anyway!) xo Deborah

  17. Those were fun quotes!! Your description of Miss Marple's antics makes me want to go read one.


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