Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Notecard Set: Double Flowering Plum

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

" You have a touch in letter writing that is
beyond me. Something unexpected, like coming round
a corner in a rose garden and finding it still daylight. "

About ten or more years ago we bought a lovely double flowering plum shrub for our garden. We so looked forward to watching it bloom in spring. Although a hardy plant, some years a late frost would kill the buds and the flower display would be oh! so disappointing. But, there was one spring when all the elements were in harmony, and it was spectacular. You can well imagine our joy.

Sadly we no longer have that shrub, but I found a handful of photos that would, I think, make a lovely quartet of notecards. So, in keeping with that thought, I pair them with quotations about writing letters. I hope you enjoy!

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

" I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to
leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows,
and instead tell him something new. "

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

" Always be a poet, even in prose. "

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

"A letter is never ill-timed; it never interrupts. Instead
it waits for us to find the opportune minute, the quiet moment
to savor the message. There is an element of timelessness about letter writing. "

* * *

It's rainy today, so it might be a good day to dash off a note
and surprise someone's mailbox.
I hope you have a beautiful day. Stay safe.

Heart Hugs,


  1. Yes, they certainly would make a wonderful set of notecards. Do it! 🌸

  2. I'm taking a break from letter writing at the moment...I have 6 cards ready to write a letter inside & send off in the mail.

  3. The blossoms of the double-flowering plum are so wonderfully pink and delicate. Our bush too is sadly no more, as it quickly outgrew it's allotted space. But I think of it wistfully from time to time, especially at this time of the year. Your photos, as always, are beautiful and would make the most wonderful note cards.

  4. These gentle flowers are so beautiful .

  5. So very lovely, Brenda. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see trees in blossom.

  6. What a lovely set of notecards these photos would make. Did you ever take part in Vee's Notecard link up? It was great fun. Your flowering plum has left you with wonderful memories.

    1. Lorrie, Oh yes, we sure used to enjoy Vee's Notecard link up.

  7. I especially like the last quote. This is why I'd rather write to someone than call them--especially now that so many only have cell phones. You never know if you've reached them while they are out and about.

  8. What beautiful photos and the quotes are wonderful. Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  9. Another gift of words and photos. Thank you for this calming space.

  10. Gorgeous photos!! I like your idea of dropping a notecard in the mail.

  11. Yes I have just dropped a notecard in the mail ... not as lovely as your flowering plums, but just as sweet. It’s a tic-tac-toe game to my 6-year old grandson. We are playing by mail. ☺️💖

    I hope you really will make these photos into notecards, and include the quotes as you’ve shared them here. I’ll take a set as soon as they’re ready.

  12. Lovely quotes, and exquisite blooms!


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