Friday, June 19, 2020

Floral Five on Friday: Morning Glimpses

"Siberian Irises enjoying their wet spot in the garden"

"Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing
people together, drawing them from their homes. "

It is Friday and I have no post ready for you! I've been working on a couple of them all week but neither are finished. So, I popped out to the garden and took a few photos. Here are five (plus a few more for good measure) of what is giving me joy on this sunny Friday morning. And now there is a post just for you....I hope you enjoy.

"Such details to admire"

"Shadow and light playing in the garden"

"The bees love the pots of lavender"
Lavandula stoechas 'Anouk'

"Diascia, also known as twinspur, in pink formation"

"The chive patch in flower"

"Allium in otherworldly phase"

"In the 'starry' stage"

"I love apricot and lavender together"

" 'At Last' apricot rose"

" Flowers don't tell; they show. "

* * *

Have a wonderful weekend.
I hope to be back Sunday or Monday.

Heart Hugs,


  1. Your 'non-post' with all its glorious floral vignettes is just what the doctor on a Friday morning! Great way to end the week and start the weekend. Breathe deep and keep smelling the roses:)

  2. And here I thought I was ahead of you, yet my garden has chives and irises blooming, too. It is 95° F here today. Hope that it's not as warm there for your comfort. Happy weekend!

    1. Vee, I'm grateful we don't have any of that 95 degree F around here. That would be getting a little too warm for me. We have had a few lovely warm days now and the garden is really taking off now.

  3. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your garden.

  4. Very wet and windy here so my plants dont look like yours! A bowl of herbs gives such joy, just to run your hand through the leaves and inhale the scent.

    1. It really doesn't take a lot to delight us; it's so true that a bowl of herbs can be such joy as we run our fingers through the leaves and breathe its scent. I hope your wet and wind shifts soon to sun and warmth.

  5. But this is a post, Brenda, a glorious post! Maybe we make too much trouble for ourselves with posts sometimes when readers are happy with glimpses to the blogger's daily life. And in June what could be better than garden glimpses--especially if they have blooms as pretty as yours are.

    "So I popped out to the garden and took a few photos." The understatement of the month, Brenda!

    1. Oh Dewena, you made me giggle at your reply 'the understatement of the month'. I tend to agree that maybe we do make too much trouble with those 'deeper' posts, when many of us are often just looking for those charming and interesting glimpses of a blogger's daily life. Especially when it's June and the garden is bursting with possibilities.

  6. I love your beautiful flowers especially the lavender and the allium.

    I want to tell you that my copy of 'The Scent of Water' came during a thunderstorm today. Fed Ex tied it up in a plastic bag, so it was kept nice and dry. I have started reading it and have just felt like crying for the sheer beauty of her descriptive writing. Wow! Thanks for sharing this book in an earlier post of yours. Do you have other books of hers that you would recommend?

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. FlowerLady, I'm taking great joy in them myself this year. The bees are loving the lavender especially; I'm so glad we have access to this beautiful plant here in this cooler region. It tends not to survive over winter, but to buy pots of them and enjoy through the summer is a real boon. I might try to winter over this fall and see if that works out.

      I'm so glad you are enjoying The Scent of Water (and how lovely for FedEx to keep it dry as they deliver it). Isn't the writing of the book beautiful? The other book I have and love by Elizabeth Goudge is Pilgrim's Inn. It's part of a trilogy, but I only have the one copy. A beautiful story about home and the affect of beauty in our lives. I first heard of Elizabeth Goudge some years ago from Brenda at Coffee Tea Books and Me (blog).

  7. Such beauty and colour - a true salve to the soul in these often-distressing times.

    1. I agree, Dianne, the beauty in our gardens is such a salve to the soul. I'm so glad you stopped by.

  8. What wonderful flowers, Brenda. They are all so beautiful. And my father grew the Siberian iris. I never knew that was what they were called but looking at your photos, that's the kind of iris that grew in a round flower garden in the yard of my childhood home. Susan

  9. These are certainly lovely flowers my friend. I especially adore that apricot rose. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs!

  10. Your garden is gorgeous! Of course, the purple florals are my faves!


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