Friday, June 05, 2020

Five Little Things

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

" the dew of little things the heart finds
its morning and is refreshed. "

I hadn't a clue what to post for Five on Friday today. Until I noted in my journal five little things that happened this week. Well, I could share that, so here we go:


A few odd squawks in the yard and suddenly a Pileated woodpecker flew into our mountain ash tree. Not one of our usual birds in town, we are getting more sightings of these dashing birds with their flaming crests. It's always a thrilling moment when they do show up. According to Audubon field-guide, the Pileated normally excavates deep into rotten wood to get at the nests of carpenter ants. Yesterday he was deep into our suet feeder. Sorry, I didn't have my camera with me.


The wind has been gusting for days. Let's just say, we're tired of it. It makes me think of Sullivan, our beautiful grey kitty from years ago. One year, we'd had such intense winds for about two weeks straight. I mean, it howled and shook the house for days. Sullivan finally went to the window and yowled at it. He was fed up. We haven't yowled yet, but we're so ready for a calm day that feels like summer.

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life


The Peace Rose is off and running—her first rose opened a couple of days ago. A sight for sore eyes. The garden is starting to catch hold. Every day there's something new to enjoy in it. A deep purple iris opened. Anemones are now dancing in the breeze. Rick and I paired up yesterday to get the rest of the annuals--zinnias, marigolds, alyssums, evening-scented stocks, ganzias--planted in the garden. The pair of us do make a good gardening team.



Got a call from the library yesterday afternoon. They are carefully, slowly opening the library again. People still cannot go into the library, but if they had placed requests for books prior to Covid-19 isolation, they can now arrange to curbside pick them up. I'd completely forgotten I had anything on hold. My appointment to pick up Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is set for next Tuesday between 12:40 and 12:50 pm. Don't be early, don't be late. I'll be there, can't wait.

The rules include isolating the book for 24 hours when you bring it home (the virus lasts on paper for 24 hours as I understand it). Wash your hands before and after handling the book. Don't touch your face while you read; and for heaven's sake, please don't sneeze or cough on the book while you are reading it. Do not return the book until further notice. I think those are good rules even when there isn't a deadly virus going around.

Image by Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life


A tiny blossom on my desk. It had broken off in the planting.

" It's the little things that make happy moments,
not the grand events. Joy comes in sips, not gulps. "

* * *

As the morning dawns, I'm happy to report there is no wind today. Yah! It's calm and quiet this early morning; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the coffee is perking—in my little corner of the world the weekend is off to a good start. Thinking of those whose hearts are aching today.  

Here's wishing you a beautiful day.

Heart hugs,


  1. “Joy comes in sips, not gulps.” How very true, and every little thing you share from your garden brings me another sip of joy. Thank you for that. P. S. Love the single blossom on your desk.

  2. That Peace rose, oh my, what a wonder! I'm putting the "memory" of it into my treasure box, so that I can think of it in wintertime, and know that springtime always comes again.

  3. 🕊The Peace Rose is perfection! Golly, how many incidences of covid do you have in your community? The library suggestions sound very cautious, but then it is best to err on the side of caution. (I'd spray the book with Lysol and set it aside in the garage or the trunk of the car for a while. ☀️)

  4. I do all that with any mail that comes in. It goes outside in the sun, has a spray and doesn't get opened immediately.
    I have a Peace rose too and she is a delight.

  5. I think I am about to join Sullivan and start howling at the wind. It has been incredibly windy for several days, and I'm ready for a few calm days. I very much enjoyed the photos and your comments.

  6. A lovely collection of little things. The Peace rose is just delightful. Is she fragrant as well as beautiful? I hope our library opens soon. So glad the wind died down for you this morning. I noticed the trees tossing about here this evening.

  7. Flowers are amazing, aren't they! Their detailed structure combined with different colors and textures never cease to thrill me. I feel God has placed me where I am to tend His garden for His glory and my enjoyment. I have learned many lessons, too, as I tend my garden, especially in the heat and humidity of late summer. I think those of you who live in such a short growing periods must be commended for your diligence in having gardens at all. It is short, but sweet, as they say.

  8. Will your library disinfect returned materials?

    When my local library shut down, the due dates for all checked out materials were extended to July 2...before corona, I was more concerned about bed bugs hitchhiking in the books...

    1. I don't know what their procedures are then and now for returned books. Yikes, bed bugs hitchhiking in the books? I'd never even thought of that before.

  9. There is a woodpecker in our garden as well, a most industrious little fellow. There are so many birds in the garden just now and they are so noisy, it is like a Hitchcock movie out there.

  10. Five lovely little things. Well, most of them. I was like Sullivan when we lived in our Farmhouse. When the wind blew hard, the house creaked and groaned and I didn't like it a bit. Here at Pineapple House, we can hardly feel it and that's good. Happy that you're enjoying your spring blooms and the delicious anticipation of a new library book!


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