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Autumn, The Royal Mail, and Two Famous Favourites

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 "In the village store someone says, 'I heard the geese go over,'
and there is a moment of silence.
Why this is so moving, I do not know. But we all feel it."
~ Gladys Taber

It's such a beautiful morning. Although the sun is shining and the temperature is quite mild, you can tell Autumn will soon begin her beguiling artistry in earnest. Hubby is working out in the garden digging up roots from old trees we had taken down last year. The birds flit around him as they zig and zag from tree to shrub to fence post. A few bees happily buzz amongst the 'Autumn Joy' sedum stems now in flower, and a peacefulness settles on the neighbourhood.

I should be out there too planting some bulbs for spring -- tulips and daffodils and grape hyacinths. But I'm off to my hairdresser's shortly. Don't want to go there with my fingernails all dark with garden dirt. Not that there's anything wrong with good garden dirt, but you know... . So the bulb planting will wait until tomorrow.

Now onto something I'm a little excited to share with you today ...

While we were in England this past July, I found out Britain's Royal Mail was issuing commemorative stamps this year for two very special women, both of whom I admire greatly: Agatha Christie and Beatrix Potter. So when I got back to Canada I did an online search at their website to see if non-residents can order stamps online. And, yes! we can.

Today I just ordered my set of six commemorative postage stamps marking not just the centenary since Agatha Christie published her first crime novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, but also the 40th anniversary of her death. Released just today, Royal Mail says it's 'a stamp issue that’s full of intrigue'. You can read all about it here. And, if you want to read more about Dame Agatha's debut novel, click here.

"Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored."
Hercule Poirot, The Mysterious Affair at Styles


I also ordered the Beatrix Potter stamps which were released by Royal Mail earlier this summer to mark the author's 150th anniversary. Helen Beatrix Potter was an English writer, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist; she was best known for her children's books featuring animals, such as those in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Aren't these just the cutest stamps? If I lived in England I'd being buying rolls of them, and I'd be sending out cards and letters to everyone I could think of, just so I could use these.

Who's your favourite character?  I loved Mrs. Tiggly Winkle.

"There is something quite delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they will take you."
~ Beatrix Potter  

If you are a follower of Susan Branch you will no doubt be aware that she is hosting a very special BYO picnic in England this coming weekend to celebrate Miss Potter's 150th birthday. She and Joe have been traveling by ship this week and will be landing in Southampton tomorrow.

The picnic is being held at Stourhead, Wiltshire at High Noon, on Sunday, September 18th, near the grass bridge.

 There it is -- the grass bridge where the picnic will be on Sunday
Photo: Susan Branch, Twitter feed

In her recent post, Susan says, "Our picnic is going to be a world thing ~ kindred spirits are coming from everywhere. We’ll be toasting Beatrix Potter’s 150th birthday ~ the invitation was extended through the Beatrix Potter Society’s wonderful (free) online newsletter called Pottering About. And if you can’t make it? That’s what I’m for. Pictures will be here waiting for you."

Are any of her blogging girlfriends going to be there in person? I won't be there in the flesh, but I'll certainly be there in spirit, celebrating along with her and everyone there.


On that note, I'm wishing you a beautiful day.



  1. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
    ― Albert Camus

    Beautiful Autumn ! I wish you have a PURRFECT Day too =^x^=

  2. Darling post, Brenda. Oh, don't you just LOVE anything "Susan Branch?" I am just now reading "Martha's Vineyard: Isle of Dreams" and loving every word of it. She is SUCH an inspiration. So happy she is in Europe with her forever love. Susan

  3. Oh, I agree about the Beatrix Potter stamps - It would be fun to use them on letters and cards to everyone!

  4. I know you would have loved to be at the picnic! I'm gad you could order the stamps direct, they are so pretty.

  5. The stamps are wonderful....I do love all things Beatrix Potter! The picnic sounds wonderful, too! It would be so fun to go. xx K

  6. Those stamps are just so beautiful!!! I'd be buying them up too!!! Oh it would be so fun to be at Susan's picnic!!! Can't wait for the blog post about it!!!

  7. Two special ladies, so congrats on getting the stamps!

  8. Those stamps are wonderful! I enjoy reading both of those authors. How fun it would be to join Susan at the Beatrix Potter picnic tomorrow. I wish them much joy and lots of sunshine together.

  9. I love the stamps..glad you were able to obtain some from your home!

    Ahhhh...autumn. I am so ready after a very hot and humid end-of-summer. This morning, the doors are flung open to a pleasant breeze and it is glorious! Happy fall to you!

    (And yes, I'll be peeking at the pictures and enjoying the Beatrix Potter picnic vicariously. Fun!)

  10. Lovely stamps, thanks for sharing.

    Monday WRites 75 is live

    much love...

  11. I love Susan Branch and Beatrix Potter too ♥

  12. Those stamps are so darling!
    I love your passion for all things English. You and Susan, inspire me to soak in your love.

    Dirty fingernails? I just chuckled! Did you get the bulbs planted?

  13. I've been on a blog break and missed my visits to your wonderful space, Brenda. And thank you for the info about the stamps - these are two of my cultural heroes as well and I think I will also order the stamps.

  14. Brenda, I love the Beatrix Potter stamps!!! Thanks for sharing about the party. I`ve found someone else in blog land actually attending. Sylvia D.

  15. First Brenda I always get such a lift when I visit you. That fall picture is beautiful. Glad too You got your special stamps. Especially those Beatrix Potter specialties! Have a superb day. Hugs!


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