Thursday, August 04, 2016

At Last ... We're Home!

Here we are back home safe and sound. Oh my, it's been a wonderful trip, and we've been home since late Monday evening. Busy with unpacking, laundry, catching up, not to mention downloading the almost 3,000 photos we took over the last 30-plus days. That kind of number for photos sure is a long way off from the last time I took a trip to England back in 1989. Then I probably thought it was a big deal to take 100-150 pictures for the whole  trip (during film developing days). Of course, it was costly to develop and you always took a chance at what you'll find when they were processed.  Must admit I do prefer this easy, digital age.

So, while the memories are vivid and fresh, it is my plan over the next couple of weeks to post numerous posts, sharing a few of our experiences and stories complete with heaps of pictures.

We saw lots of lovely gardens and castles and stately homes, including Highclere Castle (of Downton Abbey fame - that was a real treat). We visited the seaside, tromped over hill and dale, slept in a castle one night, met lots of new people ... breathing English air all the while.

We often had tea in the afternoons accompanied by yummies like homemade Victoria sponge cake or scones and strawberry jam, sitting out in a garden cafe. We ate fish and chips, the quintessential British dish -- a beer battered fillet of cod, deep fried to a gorgeous golden brown, served with homemade tartar sauce and big fat chips. And on Susan Branch's recommendation (in her book A Fine Romance) we would order the local pear cider, which is now a firm favourite. 

 "One's destination is never a place,
but a new way of seeing things."
~ Henry Miller

  * * *

  "If you look the right way,
you can see that the whole world is a garden."
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

 * * *

"One road leads to London,
One road runs to Wales,
My road leads me seawards
To the white dipping sails."
~ John Masefield

The memories are rushing over themselves trying to get their share of attention. Soon and very soon.  For now, I'm happily bidding you a lovely day.  I'll be back with more, much more. Can't wait to share.

Hugs and kisses,


  1. So glad you are home safely. No doubt you will have lots to do in sorting out photos, unpacking etc...but oh, the memories you will have made!

  2. Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

  3. Welcome home! So excited to hear about your adventures, Brenda and so happy you had a wonderful time.

  4. Welcome home, Brenda. So eager to hear about your trip. I'm still percolating the sights and sounds and the memories in my mind.

  5. So happy you are safe and sound back in Sherwood park. I am hoping to hear all about your adventures!

  6. It's always good to get back after a trip and it will be interesting to read about the memories you made.

  7. Looking forward to all that you will share. So glad that you are safely home and have allowed yourself some time to decompress.

  8. Dear Brenda sounds like the best vacation. I am glad you are home safe. Will be looking forward to your coming posts where you share your lovely trip. In the meantime savor your memories and rest up sweet friend. Hugs!

  9. Hi Brenda,

    What a lovely overview of your trip to England, the land of my birth. I look forward to your posts, and know I will enjoy. Did you take a tour bus, or go solo, with maps, wellies and cameras?

  10. Welcome home! Glad you got a taste of that pear cider. I've been curious ever sine I read Susan's book. Like the others, I look forward to seeing England through YOUR eyes ♥

  11. Welcome back, Brenda! I enjoyed seeing your travel photos on FB and look forward to your travelogues.

  12. A whole month?!? How wonderful! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  13. It was in England that I first tried some hard cider, after a hot and humid hike, and it hit the spot! Now pear cider is a favorite drink...


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