Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Leafy Post

It never gets old, does it? This leafy autumn art show. Every year, trees blaze into season's russets, golds and bronzes, and every year we marvel as if we've never seen such a thing of beauty before. I'm glad. Indeed, it is new and we've never seen this particular grand show. I never want to grow old in my heart and find myself weary of such treasures of nature.

We look up, we bend near, and peer deep ... always looking for those glimpses that make our souls throb for joy at yet another sighting of autumn's glory. Glimpses in a tree, a pond, a leafy river valley, even scattered light on fallen leaves on a man-made path.

"Sense of beauty is the
gift of God, for which
those who have received
it in good measure, can
never be thankful enough."
♥ Gertrude Jekyll

Here's wishing you a beautiful leafy day,

Today I'm joining Judith at Monday Mosaic


  1. Ooooh, lovely! Greetings from a world of (I love it!) rain :) .

  2. No, it never gets old!! this post makes the heart sing for joy...I like the way you describe our efforts to take it all in.
    Now that i think about it, man-made and material things always get old but not so with God-granted wonders!

    1. p.s. I forgot to mention how much I loved the quote and the collages!

    2. Beautiful artworks by the Master Himself! Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Very well said, Sister! I have nothing to add :)

  4. I look forward to the changing of the colours every year, and there really is nothing better than to see a forest ablaze in reds, orange and yellows!! Wonderful photos Brenda :)

  5. Gorgeous colors, Brenda! Autumn is probably my favorite season of the year. Oh, The Fairy Tale Girl arrived in my mailbox this past Friday at 5:00. Hard to put down once I began reading, so now I will need to reread it! A most lovely book Susan has given us this time!

  6. What a lovely post. It was calming to read your reflections and view the beautiful photography. Fall in your area of the world is surely a fabulous example of God's creative touch. Thank you for visiting me, for I have found a new blogging buddy! Looking forward to visiting often.
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  7. Nice images, Brenda! I agree that it's important to see the extraordinary in the ordinary!

  8. Beautiful images of the glory God has created. Autumn always fills my heart.

  9. No, the spectacular autumn show never grows old!! Like you, I wish never to grow weary of the beauty all around!

  10. So pretty, Brenda! Heartfelt thanks for the lovely preview of the weeks to come here in the MIdwest! ♡

  11. Golden days like those you captured really warm the soul, don't they? : )

  12. watching nature brings us such peace....

  13. Beautiful images and thoughts on this lovely season, Brenda! The beauty really does lift your spirits and fills the heart with gratitude. Wishing you a lovely week. xo Karen

  14. I come to you from Mosaic Momday. I like your thought about not growing too old on heart to enjoy the beauty of nature. So true. Such beauty should know no boundaries.


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