Wednesday, July 02, 2014

It's A Little Letter

Do you still treat your family and friends to handwritten letters sent in the mail? Or, do you find yourself using emails and texts more to stay in touch?

I love writing letters on pretty stationery. It has long been a favourite pastime. But, I admit I don't do it as much as I used to -- emails make it so easy to stay in touch. And so quick. A little while ago I sent an e-note to a dear friend to say hi and fill her in on my day and she's probably reading it as we speak. I like that immediacy.
Now... I hope you don't mind, but I've decided to offer that same note to you here...rather than write my bit news all over again.  

Dear Leila,

How the days flit by and I do think of you in the midst of these lovely summer days; alas, it's oft at times when it's not possible to stop and tell you so.

So a pause right now to say hello and hope you are well and that you've had a lovely day. It's been so beautiful of late. First, it was all the spring flowering trees. Then the peonies burst their beauty upon us. Today the mock orange opened cascades of pretty petals with their soft, sweet scent. We're glad it blooms right next to the deck, so we get front seat viewing.

We spent Canada Day yesterday quietly in our own backyard with little fanfare -- we enjoyed it nonetheless. We hung our red and white flag from our mailbox out front and it fluttered away in the breezes. Our bird friends keep us entertained all day... young ones learning how to fend for themselves and brand new robins making me giggle because they looked like they just woke up...downy feathers sticking out from underneath new and smooth ones like wispy baby hair.

I finished up the short article I was invited to write for a small writing magazine about the influence L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables have had on my life. (As you's been a huge influence). It's scheduled to be published in August. I'll share later. Working on this piece made me want to dig out all my books by and about LMM and re-read them. It's been a while. Perhaps I'll do a summer read-a-thon and immerse myself in the world LMM and PEI. I even ordered a DVD of the 1985 award-winning movie of Anne of Green Gables (as I didn't own a copy only the video from long ago). I'm hoping to 'borrow' Jean's big screen one afternoon and watch the movie with her at her house. Maybe we should make it a date and have you join us... (nothin' like inviting myself and others to her house for tea...haha).

There... I hear pots rattling. Rick's making supper and so I should go show up and see if he needs help. Of course it doesn't hurt to just write a few more words and not show up 'too' soon. (hehe)
On that note, I've been summoned to a BBQ salmon feast. So I'll bid you a sweet goodbye. Enjoy your evening.



  1. I enjoyed sharing your sweet letter, Brenda - I felt like I was right there with you taking in all the beauty around you! I do write old fashioned letters, but only to a few close friends and relatives now, and not so often. I do like to add a short letter to birthday and holiday cards (yes, I still send those, too!) That being said, I do rely on the computer most of the time and isn't it wonderful to have instant communication! Congratulations on your writing assignment! Well done! Hugs xo Karen

  2. I love receiving and writing letters. So sad that email and texting seem to have taken the place of letters.

  3. Love hand written notes, I do miss the days when that was our only option....


  4. HI Brenda, such a lovely tradition. A hand written note on pretty stationary. It is very personal and always welcome. Yes, by all means, invite us all to your friend's house...ha ha.
    I hope you enjoyed your dinner your hubby was making.....Happy 4th...Blessings

  5. Handwritten notes are gifts to be treasured. Thanks for sharing Leila's note with us. A LMM marathon would be a lot of fun. She's had huge influence on me, too.
    Our Canada Day was spent away from the crowds as well, and we hung our beautiful flag off the back of the boat.

  6. I am a huge believer in handwritten notes and cards. While I DO email, I also regularly send cards to friends and family. (Sometimes, if I'm really on the ball, I even make my own cards.)

    Have you ever read Alexandra Stoddard's "Gift of a Letter?" It's a delightful little book, which will inspire you to get back to the old-fashioned art of letter writing. Most of us delete emails, but we hold onto letters and cards for years---decades even. Some people have discovered a veritable treasure chest of letters their parents exchanged during WWII. Now, sadly, with email and text, the next generation will not be as lucky. There won't be any handwritten letters to hold onto.


    1. Hi Patti,

      Yes, I've had Alexandra's Gift of a Letter for years. It really is a lovely book.

      I still refer to it now and then, and I still do hand written notes and cards, just not as often as I used to before the Internet. I now enjoy using both methods of communication.

      Our technology has certainly changed things for the way we hand down things for the next generation. Makes me also think of digital picture vs. photos one can hold in one's hand. It won't be the same for sure, but I think people are learning how to store these for the future.

      Brenda :)

  7. Hi Brenda, I love the description of your garden and birds. What a treat it must be to get a letter from you (you do sound like LMM!) Please keep writing these!

  8. how fun a husband who cooks...I could handle that!

  9. I'm in! Just let me know when and where. I'll bring some yummy goodies for the movie!
    I would love to see Anne of Green Gables again. Only watched it once on TV.
    Hummmmmm, think I'll order myself a present, if I can't make it to your viewing.

  10. Brenda, thank you, thank you for your email. I'll get back to you very soon. I just wanted to come by for a moment. Anne has certainly had an impact on me; I love to immerse myself in that world every so often. Congratulations on your article; I'd love to read it. And thank you for sharing the lovely letter. Blessings, Deborah


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