Friday, May 23, 2014

My Retreat Writing Nook


A desk, a chair and windows that open to Spring air and birdsong... (check)

A bed nice for snoozes, naps and night long rests... (check)

Books for inspiration, coffee for restoration, water for refreshment... (check)

Bars of Chocolate for consolation of mind and mouth... (check)

One first draft, lots of pens and paper... (check)
'Twas an interesting dynamic to revert to pen and paper, as I took no computer, iPad or Laptop with me on this retreat. I had just completed my first draft of 40,000 words earlier in the week, so my goal was to take the draft and begin editorial work on it, as well as do some research through old journals for details of that time period.

Photo by Strawberry Creek Lodge

One rustic log building, nestled in an idyllic woodsy area,
with walking paths, a rambly creek and beaver pond nearby... (check)

Delightful nooks and crannies inside and outside... (check)

Wonderful food, fun and fellowship... (check)

A wonderful balance of quiet solitude and stimulating conversation... (check)
And... a meeting of hearts and minds of new writing friends... (check)

photo by Mario Maier

Remained focused and worked on the goals I came with... (check)

Practically perfect in every way... (check)

Can't believe the week is gone already. I've been back from the retreat since Monday, but with Spring now in full swing around here, there's many other things that need attention.
Now... totally and completely removed from pens, writing and words, I'm going to bake a Jelly Roll for afternoon tea this weekend. Talk about making someone in this house happy, happy! I'm planning to use Susan Branch's recipe which you'll find in her entertaining newsletter here.
On that note... here's my heart wishing you a beautiful weekend... along with a little inspiration to create something that will tickle your fancy, delight your soul and encourage your spirit....maybe even your tummy!

Hugs and blisses,



  1. How lovely to have that calm time to think, to develop your themes, to discuss with others. What a magical place.

  2. It sounds perfect, alright!
    Brenda, could you update my URL in the feed for your blogroll? Then you will find that my last post wasn't a month ago after all. :-)

  3. It was perfect, Brenda and I can't wait for the next one! My writing Muse still whispers while I deal with everyday life - go back, go back!
    I have three writing projects this weekend as well as dog sitting and a reptile show to attend...wish me luck.

  4. What a perfect spot for a retreat! Just lovely for a meeting of hearts and minds. Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.


  5. Wonderful post about a wonderful retreat! Although looking forward always to the next, there are things you cannot redo from each experience. It was wonderful to meet you and add you to my writing friends! I am back into work and publishing and editing and reviewing... :)

  6. I love this! So happy for you that u could go to this. Looks like a beautiful life to me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Were you able to get any writing accomplished? It is a lovely spot.

    1. I had just completed my first draft of 40,000 words earlier that week, so my goal was to take the draft to the retreat and begin editorial work on it, as well as do some research through old journals for details of that time period.

  8. That looks like a lovely spot to hide away and write. I find that although computers are great for writing, I prefer the pen and paper for the more editorial and review tasks.

  9. Sounds like the perfect setting and a wonderful, relaxing experience. Sometimes I will work up a poem on paper...that usually involves multiple rewrites.

  10. Love the check, check, check. Sounds like nothing but a positive experience!

    I was inspired to look through old BBC year books this evening - found you! BCG, freshman 1976. Your smile is still the same.

  11. How I would love to have a writing nook like yours Brenda. Just to have that peace and solitude to write must be perfection. xx

  12. Looks ideal. That VIEW!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. Looks like it was a perfect spot to write, and a wonderful weekend. I love to write longhand w/o the computer sometimes.

  14. Perfect! I wish I could go there.


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