Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Gazing

In my neighbour's backyard...

In my backyard...

Outside my study window.

"Fall is for lovers. If you can honestly tell me you don’t melt a little over the idea of going for a walk with someone through the crimson leaves and talking over coffee in some beautiful little café and cuddling up because the weather is just cool enough to make an excuse to do so, you aren’t human." ~ Brianna Wiest, Blogger

I certainly melt at the idea ...

So here's wishing you lots of your own special autumn moments,

Photos: © Brenda C Leyland, Fall 2013


  1. I love the idea of warm sweaters, scarves and walking with someone I love :-)

    Beautiful photos....


    1. There is something lovely about sweaters and scarves this time of year...snuggly...esp. when walking with someone who is also snuggly!

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  2. I love it... this season wows and woos me a little like a lover too;))

    1. Yes, autumn woos and wows me too. I like how you put that, Janet!

  3. Oh that is a delicious little quote. She nailed it! Lovely color in your corner!

  4. beautiful, Brenda, as always!! Enjoy!!

  5. So true! We just got back from our evening walk in the autumn darkness. The Big Dipper sat upright overhead and leaves crunched beneath our feet. Great quote!

  6. Dear Brenda - I love those thoughts that autumn brings and your pictures are beautiful my friend. Have a blessed day.


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