Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn Beauty Refreshes My Soul

You don't know how many times over the last week or so I came to my blog to post something, only to find I didn't know what to say -- my heart hadn't followed me to my site.  Er, neither had my brain, I guess.

Perhaps it was the busyness of the last few weeks, what with preparing for and going to the writers' conference, as well as working like a beaver to complete my memoir writing course assignments. When I finally handed in my last piece, I looked up and peered around my world, surprised to see it, as if I'd been away for a long, long time. And, blogging seemed s-o-o-o-o very far away too.

Have you ever felt that way? Where you'd become so enamored or involved in a project or event that you found yourself totally disengaged from the rest of the world around you. And when you finally came back to it, you felt slightly disoriented, as if you'd awakened from a dream and didn't quite remember where you were.

One of my writing classmates said recently after an intense writing session that she needed to step away ... to put some distance between herself and her writing. So we didn't hear from her for a couple of days.

Seems that's what I've needed too ... some time to let the rest of my life swirl back in around me. And, most especially, to take in the beauty of our world now seriously turned autumn.

I look down the street into my neighbourhood and my whole view is aglow with this vibrant yellow. Against the grey sky it makes for a most satisfying contrast. So refreshing too.

Mmmm... it would seem my heart has found its way back. And, it seems we found a post along the way too. Lovely!

Now here's wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. Even when you apparently have nothing to say, Brenda, it resonates beautifully with me! I'm intensely immersed in writing projects right now too and I wonder what important things I'm forgetting along the way. Oh well, like you say, life will swirl back around me soon enough. So lovely - thanks!

  2. Brenda I went through a few months like that....hard to explain sometimes....


  3. we all need a break or change occasionally...

  4. Sometimes it does get difficult. I have had a headache all week, so thinking hurt!!

  5. Brenda,
    You always find the exact, perfect picture to go on your site! What could be more mind-refreshing than a beautiful fall picture in the woods! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  6. Hey!

    Even though you say you have nothing to say, here you are, writing a post. :) I understand that you need a break, and I also agree with other comments, you seem to always find the perfect pictures for your posts! :D


  7. Welcome back. I think it is wonderful you were so caught up in a project that you forgot where you were. Tells me you were enjoying yourself! Hope you have a blessed day.

  8. Yes, I have felt like that and there are a number of bloggers who apparently have, too. Several have just tossed in the towel. Glad that you just cleared your head for a bit and then said " hello." I would imagine a lifetime of writing would make one very introspective and possibly a bit out of touch. Sigh. So depressing!

  9. I do know that feeling Brenda. Sometimes we ask too much of ourselves. It's good to stop.

  10. Oh yes, Brenda. I think we've all felt estranged from our writing from time to time. I know I have been but usually I plunge forward anyhow.

    Glad you had a little getaway. Take however much time you need. We'll be here waiting for you when you get back in the saddle. Susan

  11. It's good to recognize when we need time away to regroup. Finishing a major project requires stepping away as you've done. So glad your heart followed you this time.

  12. As I read your words in this post, I understood. I have been there many times and I could relate.
    I must tell you though, with each visit here, I find beauty and peacefulness. I enjoy every visit!

    Your new banner picture and background are exceptionally gorgeous!

  13. I think we all need a break from certain things from time to time and then we can come back refreshed. You have a beautiful blog and I've enjoyed looking at your posts tonight! Sweet hugs, Diane


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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