Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Transformation Begins

Watch it unfold as Spring around us has been unfurling.  Leaf by leaf.  Bud by bud.  Bird nest by bird nest.

So begins the slow unveiling of the new season of my blog.  Oh my, when I started pondering the new direction, message and, of course, deciding on a new look to signify something old has passed away, something new is about to be given, little did I realize how much mulling, pondering, dreaming and yes, agonizing,  it would actually take.

Friends have been gracious to share encouragement when I asked for it, and I'm ever grateful for their loving thoughts and nudges.  But as we all realize in the end, it was me that had to become still... to tune out monkey chattering and take time in the midst of the usual business of living so I could hear the little nightingale whisperings of my own heart.

So, just as I did nearly five years ago when I wrote my very first post, today my heart said 'just jump in', and before my mind could fathom yet another reason to delay, here we are. Trusting. That the way will unfold. The journey cannot begin if the first step is not taken.

No more pencil chewing ... we begin and we start by dismantling and redecorating. And what fun, in truth, it has been.


PS.  The new header is from a photo I took this morning from my study window. A glimpse of heaven right in my own backyard.


  1. Your header is indeed a piece of Heaven. How lovely to look out on that.

  2. It's LOVELY, Brenda! I hope it brings you much pleasure :)
    I'm sure visitors here will leave with a little more peace/beauty than when they came...

  3. Hi Brenda! What a beautiful, beautiful header photo. I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same thing last year when I decided to start a second blog called "Chronically Living" about my journey with chronic pain. Dances With Yarn is very special to me and is a place where I can express my creative side and I didn't want to give it up. I felt I needed another place to write about this more serious issue. I had so many things to I wanted to say, but didn't know how to start. Like you, I finally just jumped in and now to my surprise there are already 45 posts! I also decided to look at it like decorating a house. It is impossible to have it all perfect and just the way you want it right at first. You kind of have to grow along with it, collect a little here and there. Then one day it is cozy and homey and better than you originally imagined! I am sure looking forward to reading your posts in the days ahead. I can just smell the lilacs. Have a nice evening ahead! With Love, Delisa :) P.S. I still use that lovely bookmark you sent me with my mother's quote about the perfume. That was the sweetest gift! :)

  4. Hi Brenda,

    Your header is lovely - such a rich, beautiful purple. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Hugs to you!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful...well then, we're off!

  6. I like the new look! The new header and subtitle are perfect. I'll be watching for more...

  7. welcome back, missed your posts...

  8. hi brenda!
    i echo all the sentiments above... especially welcoming you back to a new, refreshed sense of being!! God leads us to where we should be... sometimes all the mulling, pondering, etc is the road we take to get there! i love your header! such rich colors and fragrances we enjoy from God's blessings on us. i look forward to reading your posts... wishing you the best week!!!
    ^)^ linda
    ~~~now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??

  9. Ahhhhhh... glad to read your words again. It feels good, like an old friend who has been missed. Humm, YOU ARE!

    Welcome back my friend!

  10. Very beautiful Brenda,I am looking forward to reading your blog as you "write from the heart" I will be listening with my heart for your inspiring words and ideas

  11. Beautiful header, Brenda, just a glimpse of the beauty that will unfold in your words on this blog.

  12. I love the new header and glad to see you "jumping in" again! So am I! Maybe we needed some thinking time??

  13. Other fellow-bloggers will truly empathize with this post; the 'trusting for the unfolding', the 'blocking out monkey-chatter' , the 'being still'. Brenda, congrats on a beautiful new beginning. Where we live the lilacs bloomed extra-long and bright this year as this they were compensating for last spring when they were frozen in the bud.

  14. So nice to read your writing again.


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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