Thursday, June 06, 2013

Can You Live A Beautiful Life...

When the dust bunnies have taken refuge under the antique Duncan Phyfe sofa in our bedroom? Not only that, but they have now taken liberties of hopping out and showing off their dusty powder puff tails so that I can see them! Not in the crystalline rays of sunshine (where all hidden things are revealed) but when the room is shadowy and dim because it's overcast outside. A couple of days ago we started to feel suspicious that those grey shadows along the couch's ornate feet weren't shadows.

'Tis not a good sign. Especially since we, my dear Beloved and I, are the cleaners/polishers at our local performing arts center. Methinks it's a clear example of that old tale that shoemakers' children go without shoes... and cleaners of other people's events will find dust bunny conferences in many corners of their own abodes.

Ah... but the amazing thing is that in the midst of this alarming discovery, with the furniture all awry in the center of the room and the vacuum hose unfurled across the carpet, I've had to stop everything.

Because, you see, in the middle of my dust bunny tango, I've had a burst of creative energy in another direction. I'm suddenly inspired to write about something I've been eager to share with you for a while now.

It's a Giveaway. And it's all connected to an artist whose lovely illustrations any loyal fan of the old Victoria magazines will recognize and appreciate.  Are you familiar with the name Aude Kamlet?

If you've got your vintages magazines handy, go and get your copy of the April 1995 issue and turn to page 98. And if you don't have a copy, not to worry, all shall be revealed. I'll be posting the Giveaway Friday!

So then, I guess it is possible to imagine nice things and live in a state of beauty even when it's dusty in here. Ca-choo!

Now, where's my feather duster?



  1. Dust bunnies do have a mind of their own, don't they! Shoo them off!

  2. Dust bunnies are residents here. We feed them and wish them well! LOL

    I love hearing the excitement in your voice! Can't wait to see the "surprise" tomorrow!

  3. I just live with dust cause it always returns here in the!

  4. my dust bunnies always remind me of how much i've been knitting!! they need attention too!!
    ^)^ linda
    now, where are my 'sticks' and 'string'??!!!

  5. A Victoria-inspired post/giveaway is sure to be a very good thing. I have that issue, but it's tucked away in a closet in the guest room, currently occupied. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Those dust bunnies!

  6. Oh, I'll just bet you can brush those dust bunnies away in no time...and return to blogging and sharing and pondering. In your own good time, of HIS time...


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