Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Song This Christmas

Every December for years now there seems to be one carol or piece of music that makes its home in my heart over that particular Christmas season.

I never know which one it will be... but it usually comes out of the blue and I feel it's been given as a gift to me. That is to say, I don't choose the song -- it chooses me!

From all the possible choices one will stand out from the rest. One year it was O Little Town of Bethlehem.  I'd sung and loved it since I was a little girl, but that particular year, I can still remember the moment when suddenly the words became so real and alive, it was as if I had never heard it before.  It touched me somewhere deep inside.

This year it turns out not to be one of the old familiar carols with which I grew up, but it's a piece I don't think I've ever heard before. That is, until it popped up in the middle of a bunch of Rudolph and Jingle Bell renditions a few days ago on the local Christmas radio station.  One small phrase caught my attention the first time I heard it and by the second and third time, I knew my music gift from heaven had been sent...and delivered to moi.

So... here it is from my heart to yours..... Christmas Must Be Tonight with Robbie Robertson.  I share it with the hope that you will be touched by its gentle, ever fresh and current message.  Who knows, it might become your song this Christmas too.



  1. I'll be back to listen to this later. But how fun to have a song for each Christmas. I'd have a hard time choosing.

    1. Lorrie... I don't do the choosing... it chooses me. So it comes as a gift.

  2. I like this song too! I love Christmas music. sandie

  3. Haven't heard this one before; it was much different than I imagined...a lot more perky than I might have supposed. Yes, I get into a thing with music and hyper-focus on one song quite often. That way, one can get all there is to get from it. I imagine that's what you think, too. Have a very blessed day, Brenda.

  4. My favorite, hands down, is In the Bleak Midwinter...a beautiful melody, a poem originally by Christina Rossetti. I only discovered it a few years ago...it seems to be more well-known in England than here I think.

    1. Sara, you and Father Tim (Mitford series by Jan Karon) both for that lovely piece!


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