Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Snow Snow Snow

It started early this morning....
 and it hasn't stopped since.

A good day for peering out at the white stuff
with a pane of glass between us...
holding a steaming cuppa something warm.

Isn't it lovely?

This morning we did need to venture forth into the whiteout
to lay in some victuals for the days ahead.
There are weatherman promises of more to come. 

The car got stuck at the edge of the driveway--
 the wheel base was packed with heavy wet snow
and the wheels lost traction when I stopped to let the garage door open.

Fortunately hubby is very handy with a snow shovel.

 It's quite blowy out there now, which makes it a perfect
evening for snuggling in and enjoying homemade bean soup for supper
which happens to be simmering away as we speak.

* * *

I hope you are cozy wherever you are.
Wishes for a pleasant rest of the day.



  1. Oh, wow.....I live in the south-eastern region of the US, and though we don't get snow very often where I am, it is freezing, sleeting, and windy, and I just love it. Oh, how I wish I was there with you with some coffee and a cat to pet by the fire(that is if you've got a fireplace, ha!). :)

    1. I love wintery days too. And your idea for coffee and a kitty near by as we chat by the fireplace... sounds perfect! I do have a fireplace, but we are kitty-less at present (meow... I miss my kitties).

  2. well it's 70 degrees today and sunny. I don't miss the snow that's why I retired to the desert country! It is beautiful but from a distance.

  3. Oh my, Brenda. You really got some snow and it stuck! We just got a very light dusting. More will come, I'm sure. Nice photos! Susan

  4. It's looking a lot like winter in your corner of the world. We just got a bit so far.

  5. Your weather made big news on CBC tonight. Staying home safe and cozy is the best thing to do. How I do love the beauty of fresh snow. I hope we get at least a little bit of it here.

  6. Since I just moved back to the East Coast, I am hoping for some snow this year. I could use a good, snuggle-in-the-house snow day. Southern California doesn't supply much. I'm in the Carolinas, though, so it's pretty hit or miss.

  7. I'm enjoying your snow from a great distance . . . not something I will ever see looking out my own windows! Though I would love to! Stay safe and warm and cozy.

  8. The snow is beautiful Brenda - great photos. But I'm not ready for it yet! (-:

  9. The snow is lovely to look at, but I know I would not enjoy shoveling it. Guess it is good thing we don't get it here in the South! :-)

  10. It looks beautiful.


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