Saturday, November 10, 2012

Important Nothings

It's beautiful here today. It was snowing most of yesterday, but today it's cold. Crisp. Clear. And, the sun is out making the snow all sparkly. (sorry, my camera didn't catch that). Skies are that cool wintry blue.

I like winter. Very much. And this year, especially. I don't mind being locked in a couple of days by snowbanks all around (even if it is only November).

Aren't those roof tops interesting? They remind me of fruitcake wrapped in marzipan icing. Or maybe a cream cheese frosting over a carrot cake.

Which reminds me I've been pondering about my fruitcake baking for this holiday season coming up. I don't always feel like making fruitcake, but this year I do. Finger tapping ... shall it be my grandmother's dark fruitcake recipe? Or Marie's Light? Or the Italian Siena Panforte? More pondering.

We've got plans for coffee out at our favorite cafe, a visit through a new show home (just looking)... oh yes, we mustn't forget to stock up on bird seed and treats for our feathered friends. The Northern Flicker dropped in yesterday, not doubt looking for lunch. He let us know he was around -- no doubt it was a friendly reminder to get the seed bar set up now snow has covered everything.

On that note, I'm off...
Wishing you glimpses of some nice things for your own Saturday!



  1. Your snow is beautiful, Brenda, and the foodbar sounds like it's going to be needed soon. It's a good thing you like winter because it seems to be starting early for you this year.
    My husband mowed the lawn today, hopefully for the last time until March. And I did some leaf raking and garden clean up. We had frost last night so the dahlias are over. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful fall day!

  2. Sounds like your food bar is inside and out...

  3. OMGoodness, Brenda! What beautiful snow you have already! lol It's a good thing you enjoy it so much. I've been away from Blogland for some months and missed your posts, but I glad to be back and am again enjoying your blog! I'll be popping in more often...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. The snow does truly look beautiful. We got our first flurries today, too.

  5. My squirrel buddies come by and remind me to put out the feedbag! Aren't the wildlife interesting creatures!

    As for fruitcake, my mother used to make these. Wrapping them in rum-soaked cheesecloth. She would send my dad to buy the rum at the liquor store as good church women shouldn't be seen in a liquor store! I don't make fruitcakes but rather purchase a really good one at Whole Foods. Yours sound delicious.


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