Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something Else is Fall-ing

Three guess about what it's doing here today?

That's why when hubby and I came home from work early this morning, I just had to plug in my twinkle lights in the living room (aka as tiny white lights on my fig tree).

 Ahhh ... there now, that's better.

Sending wishes for a lovely day,

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  1. Taking it all in stride I see and making the best of an interesting situation. Please do not send my way, though. Not ready for snow. I hope yours melts soon. It's early yet.

  2. Vee, I agree it's a little early for me too. But sometimes it all clears away and we've got beautiful autumn again. So we shall see.

    And I'll be sure not to send any your way.

  3. I love the first snowfall. I know it can be the start of a long, cold winter, but there's the best kind of magic in the air when the first flakes fall. We have so little snow here that I'm a wee bit jealous. However, I hope it does warm up for you and winter in full force comes much later. I love the idea of twinkle lights on your fig tree. May have to copy that!

  4. Hello! I'm back on the blog...I saw the American news here at my daughter's house and I was surprised...snow! Early! I too love the first snowfall! We don't get too much in our area of Japan but we do have an extended autumn season! I'm just so happy to have seasons again after living for 30 years on a tropical island! Enjoy the changing seasons and all the magic and wonder that comes with them!

  5. Snow! no! so glad we get so little in England, well in the South anyway.

  6. i absolutely go nuts at the 1st snowfall every year!! i just got word that we in IOWA should be prepared for severe thunderstorm/TORNADIC weather on Saturday!! YIKES!!! i'll take snow any day over tornadoes!! i have a neighbor who has (fake) Christmas trees/lights up all year long in her 'Americana' themed condo...i love visiting her!! the mini lights are just so comforting! enjoy!!
    ^)^ linda

  7. Hi Brenda! How wonderful to have snow already, and I was just so happy that our temperatures have gotten down to the 60's! :) I love it when the weather gets cooler, I always feel so much better in the autumn. We have so much humidity here in Georgia, we really appreciate it when the air gets crisp and breezy. We slept for the first time last night with the windows open and the fresh air was heavenly. Have a wonderful evening ahead my friend and be cozy! Love, Delisa :)

  8. Brenda, I love the cat graphic - so, so heart warming to see two of my favourite type of critter in the doorway to your blog today.



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