Monday, October 29, 2012

Met Author Alexander McCall Smith

Last week my sister and I had the happy opportunity to attend a local evening event where Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith was a guest speaker. How thrilling to hear him speak. And then to wait in the line up with other happy fans to get my copy of his latest book autographed in person!

Oh my, I could have listened to him for hours. He was entertaining and funny, and I was so pleased to catch a glimpse of who this author is as a person -- someone who seems to be wise, kindhearted, gracious.

I've always enjoyed McCall Smith's stories about the No. 1 Ladies' Detection Agency, but now I appreciate them -- and him -- even more.

Wishing you a pleasant day.
Hope there's time in your day to read a little something.



  1. I have a friend who is a big fan. I will tell her; I imagine she will be suitably jealous!

  2. It does make a difference to have met the author I think. That is very special! I have one of his books...the first I think.

  3. Oh, Brenda, that is sooooooo exciting! I love his books, all of them!!! So humorous, filled with kindness and wisdom too, as you mention! I just finished reading "The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection" last week. Loved it, of course!

  4. I do like his sense of humour, gentle and funny. How lovely to have met him in person.

  5. I haven't read any of his books. Interesting Title though,. Now can you imagine being the author and meeting all of his excited fans! That could be you one day.

  6. It's an interesting concept-meet the author, for those of us trying to market our own!

  7. What fun to meet an author and hear him speak of his work.

  8. thanks for posting this one. Very enjoyable. I'd never heard of these guys


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