Monday, October 15, 2012

Blue Skies And A New Week

This morning we have glorious blue skies crowded with pillow-y clouds. Thankfully that white stuff from last Wednesday lasted only the one day ... and then it was Fall again. We shrugged off our warmer jacket and grinned that we should be given more time to revel in Fall-crisp rather than Winter-frozen.

Someone wise once said, "In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy." I'm tucking this wee thought into me pocket as it's a lovely reminder for a brand new week.

Happy Day...



  1. So glad you had the tiniest taste of winter and not a big meal of it. Time enough for that. For now, enjoy the beautiful blue skies. And I love that quotation - so true.

  2. Gratefulness makes s happy - that is the truth!

  3. i hope you won't mind my re-posting your quote(w/credit) to my fb page so i wouldn't forget it! it's lovely with that 'wee' bit o' Irish stuck in there!!! love you!!
    ^)^ linda

  4. We have no white stuff yet. I did need to wear my winter coat for the first time to get groceries last night.

    Your thought is perfect and one I needed to apply this morning. Since then, things have improved.

    I love, love, love the cats watching the snow with their tails wagging. I can't imagine how you do that, but it is adorable. (As was your tree with the leaves gently falling.)

  5. 'to revel in Fall-crisp rather than Winter-frozen.' I like that:) Love the quote as well! thank-you for sharing and brightening mid-week for me!

  6. Great thought and a great view! It's kinda heart-like! (shape of it) Perfectly fitting for - grateful.

  7. gratitude certainly affects our attitude!

  8. Dear Brenda - you are so right about gratitude - it leads to joy. Speaking of joy your posts gave me some - love the piano piece on your previous post. Thanks for sharing. God Bless and have a beautiful day.

  9. How true about gratefulness....something I've learned times over in my life.


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