Friday, May 04, 2012

Tea For Two

"In an age when everyone is constantly busy and short of time,

what could be more enjoyable than


taking time to indulge in what was once part of everyday life,


but has now become a luxury -- afternoon tea."

As quoted by Lesley Mackley in
The Book of Afternoon Tea

Some china and lace set out, a Russian blue teapot refilled several times, a tier of tasty sandwiches, sweets, and strawberries, set the scene for a most enjoyable afternoon in the company of a very special lady ~ a pearl of a friend. In fact we were having so much fun, we almost forgot to take proper photos for the blog. But you get the idea.

Here's to the simple pleasures of friendship and tea time in the afternoon. May we always have time for both, no matter how busy we get!

Wishing you glimpses of heaven...


  1. This is very special...I must remember to get out my tea cup today...that, and invite a friend for tea one day soon.

  2. What absolute lushness. The china is so lovely. My friend and I have tea every so often. I should say she makes and serves the magnificent tea time and I enjoy it. We have such great quiet moments that way.

  3. May I join you for the afternoon tea:-)

  4. What a lovely time together. And the blue tea cup - is that Lomonosov - also from Russia? My daughter is enamored of that china.

    1. Lorrie... yes it is as it turns out... it is Lomonosov from Russia.

      And since we last e-mailed, I found a website,, with more wonderful items to sigh and swoon over.

  5. looks fun, I miss my friend Caryn the snowbird who has flown home...

  6. You always have just the right words to share.
    I'm revving up and getting ready to share my time with some friends.

  7. This post caught my attention in my dashboard because of your mention of everyone always being so busy. When I clicked on to read more, I was struck by the beautiful writing and how perfectly you capture the spirit of taking the time to enjoy what really matters. I'm so glad you had the chance to have such a lovely tea with your friend :)

  8. How delightful, Brenda. It is a shame that afternoon tea seems to have become more of a treat these days.

  9. Hi Brenda, Oh how I enjoyed your post today! I love tea and having tea with a friend is one of the most wonderful things there is. In fact last week I was longing to go to tea so bad I thought my heart would pop, and sadly all my friends were busy or working. So after a little thought I decided to take myself! :) I took along a good book and drove to my favorite tea shop in Savannah and enjoyed a couple of hours reading and sipping a peach infused "Summer Solstice" tea with cranberry scones and Devonshire cream. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time and you look so pretty and happy!
    With Love, Delisa :)

  10. Lovely to hear from you!

    Yes, tea and friends do go well together, Vee... enjoy!

    Nancy, I too believe tea time is a great time for lots of wonderful quiet moments.

    Arooj... What's your favourite tea?

    Lorrie... I looked on the back of the teacups and the teapot... all either say is 'made in Russia'. But I bought years ago when Crabtree and Evelyn were doing a promotion of Russian imports. So perhaps a Google search would bring us the answer about that. I agree, they are gorgeous pieces. Love the colours!

    Lin, Oooo, I can well imagine the hole that lady leaves when she flies home!

    Christine, Hope you'll share the fun online for us to sneak a peek too!

    Tote Trove... so glad you popped in... your comment was very special!

    Tracey... totally agree, it is a shame that these times are rarer than they ought to be. Maybe together we all can change that.

    Delisa, how splendid to hear from you. I know that feeling about needing that special treat. Glad you didn't wait. That summer solstice tea with the cranberry scones sounds a wonderful combo!


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