Monday, May 21, 2012

Start The Week Right

"Loving Creator, help me
 reawaken my childlike sense of wonder
at the delights of Your world!"
 ~ Marilyn Morgan Helleberg

There are days when events and situations in and around our lives seem hell-bent on 'taking the joy right out of living' (as my mom used to say).

Although I am not having such day at present  -- I am quite smitten with the gifts Spring has been offering this May -- I was still thrilled to come across the quote above. What a wonderful little reminder not to let trials of any sort, shape or size dull our heart's response to the beauty that surrounds us if we will but stop and look.

So... here's wishing you your own renewed sense of wonder and delight in the gifts that come your way.  Today ... w-h-i-s-p ... we're blowing glimpses of heaven your way.  Reach out and catch them!


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  1. beautiful invitation..
    extending one to you as well ~
    Welcome to Faith Hope & Cherrytea ~tea's always on

  2. Spring has that way of creating awe and inspiration!

  3. Hello Brenda, This is a wonderful post - each morning I aspire to awake with thanksgiving and wonder - truly a gift - love your words and the photos - so true! Perfect inspiration! I hope you have a blessed day,

  4. That is beautiful. I definitely look forward to those glimpses of heaven. They are wonderful. Hope you catch yours.

  5. Every time I see a blossoming tree, I rejoice and feel overwhelmed with the beauty.

    The little girl with the bonnet - how I loved the little hats we used to wear. They were innocence itself. Perhaps we could bring the fashion back.

  6. Every time I see a blossoming tree,I am overwhelmed with awe and the beauty.

    Love the little bonnet in the picture. Wish we could resurrect that fashion. It was innocence itself.


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