Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not Yet The End

 "Everything is going to turn out all right in the end,
so if it is not all right, it is not yet the end."

I just saw the trailer of the newly released British comedy The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. With two favourite actresses in the cast -- Maggie Smith and Judi Dench -- already I have a very good feeling about a movie I haven't seen yet, but now want to.

The movie is based on the novel These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach, and is about...
"...a group of British retirees who are enticed by advertisements to travel to India to stay at the Marigold Hotel, which has been restored as a retirement home by a young Indian man with the best of intentions.
However, when they arrive, they find the living accommodations aren't quite as luxurious as portrayed in the brochure. Despite having to cope with broken furniture, phones that don't work and food they can't pronounce, they share a number of unconventional but hilarious experiences that bring them closer together." (excerpt from online synopsis)

One scene that already has a defining moment for me comes when one of these retirees demands that she be moved to the hotel that's in the brochure to which she's pointing (not this ramshackle of a lobby she was standing in). The young Indian man -- restorer of the establishment -- calmly responds that in India they have a saying:
"Everything is going to turn out all right in the end, so if it is not all right, it is not yet the end."
Mmm... for someone who believes with all her heart that God knows the beginning from the end, and for someone who is ever amazed at His ability for turning ashes into beauty, she is reminded once again of a time when she felt discouraged by so little movement in response to her prayer. And when she had asked Him about, He whispered deep into her heart, "I see the end and it is good."

Now, after all this time, somewhere in the middle of a British movie, is an echo of that moment. And it arrives just at a time when it seems I need its fortifying under-girding again.

Have you had such an experience.... where an answer or perfect word comes to you through a line or scene in a movie or book, through a song, or even the message on an advertising billboard?

If the place where you are at or that thing you've been working on is not all right, may I dare remind you that you, m'dear, are not yet at the end of your story either.  So discouraged do not be!

Now here's wishing you
glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!

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  1. Oh... you don't know how this post has hit me hard!
    You asked if we had ever had an experience where you stumble on words that click from a book or movie...well how about a post?
    Yours just did!

    1. You made me smile... thank you for sharing that these words spoke to you too!

  2. interesting post, i had a special message given to me the other day in the temple about a problem I've stewed over many years. The answer was clear and will have (blank). Now I just need to be at peace and go forward.

    1. Lin... I just love when the answer is so clear and direct. Yes, may the Peace come now....

  3. I need to remember this - that life is always in process. I need to trust and move on. Thank you for this.

    This sounds like a movie I would enjoy!

  4. That is an awesome post! Yes I have had just a few words from a book,or a song or even from a TV show speak to lift my spirits. And that movie does sound very interesting.

  5. Oh, thank you for this today, Brenda. I so needed it! You definitely heard from the Lord on this one; thank you! Oh, I already said that.

    I see you have reply feature on your blog. Can you PLEASE email me and tell me how to add that to my blogger blog? I have tried and tried, to no avail. jeanettelevellie@gmaildotcom

    1. Oh dear... let me scratch my head and try to remember how we did that. Oh yes...


      Go to your Settings.
      Select Posts and Comments.
      Under Comments Location, choose "Embedded".

      If you click on the wee question mark beside Comments Location, the following comment comes up:

      "Embedded will allow users to reply from the post; Full page and Popup window will take them to a new page.

      Note: Selecting Hide does not delete existing comments. You can show them at any time by selecting another option."

      Hope that works for you!

    2. PS to the above steps... you need to ensure the Allow Blog Feed is set to FULL.

      Check out this link too:

    3. I noticed this feature and I liked it. Was wondering if it was available to blogger. So thanks for asking Jeanette! It worked on mine.

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  7. I always love your uplifting posts!! This is a movie that I can't wait to see!

    1. Staci... you are always a treat. I thank you for your affirming words (which, as Mark Twain once quipped, that he can live quite happily a whole month on one good compliment.... that's me too. Affirming words are my key love language.

  8. I just love that quote. It's good for an impatient person like me to remember that. In response to your question...yes. Everytime I hear the Birds sing 'To Everything There is a Season' I know that a change is coming. Maybe good maybe not so good. Things like new jobs, babies, deaths, etc always accompany this song for me. It's God's little early warning system for me.

    1. Debora.... lovely to get your comments. I enjoyed hearing how you 'catch' the sense that change is coming. As you say, His little warning system. Which makes me think, I do not believe He wants us caught off guard, but too often we're too busy to notice or pay attention to the little nudges and 'feather' thoughts that keep coming.

      I want to pay attention more myself to those 'little birdies'.

  9. you really do have a beautiful way of expressing things, Brenda. love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  10. That is an excellent saying. Having experienced some irritation of my own recently, I wish I had known of this saying then.


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