Friday, November 11, 2011


Lest we forget....

 As we commemorate sacrifices past and present,
I am pleased to share these two Remembrance Day poems
written by my beautiful nieces...

It’s Not Fair, But…

It’s not fair, my country was invaded.
It’s not fair, my freedom was faded.
It’s not fair, soldiers had to sacrifice.
It’s not fair, parents had to pay the price.
It’s not fair, when families have to say goodbye.
It’s not fair, when people die!

But, I’m glad that it is done!
I’m glad, that I don’t have to worry about anybody’s gun.
I’m glad, my freedom is restored.
I’m glad, for this reward.
I’m glad, that I am free.
I’m glad my father came home to me!

by Chiante, age 12

A Sacrifice

They march in single file to the battlefield.
Their family hopes that at least they would come home alive.
The weapons come out, the tanks start roaring, the battle has begun.

They come home from the war, never the same as they were before.
Their families are thankful they came home, some with wounds, some without.
Their lives forever changed.
We are thankful for the sacrifice they have made.

by Sierra, age 9


  1. So amazing for young girls to write these heartfelt poems. I'm so glad that we have them in this coming generation to know all about sacrifice and love.

  2. beautiful. Dad, who is 90, was a pilot in the war. He is reluctant to tell me about it, yet I know over the years more and more about what he went through. I am ever thankful and emotional about what he and so many others have done so I can live freely. Love Helen x

  3. I have no immediate relatives that have ever fought in a war or even been in the army. Yet I always find Remembrance Day ceremonies to be a powerful and moving reminder of how how lucky we are.

  4. great poems, seems they understand some of the effects of war on the soldiers.

  5. Twelve and Nine...with hearts and souls of someone older.

    I'm glad I'm free, also. So thank you to all that have given me freedom.

    Thank you Brenda for sharing your heart.

  6. This is so sweet. They are very talented and wise for their ages. thank-you for sharing their poetry...lest we forget!

  7. Such beautiful words, by some so young...

  8. Very profound thoughts from such young ladies. I'm very impressed.

  9. Greetings, Brenda!

    I read the meaningful poems composed by your awesome nieces to my husband just now - we just looked at each other at the end...They really are blessed to have such insight at their young age. I have a feeling it runs in the family...Thank you for so kindly sharing their words with us all, so that we, too might remember.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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