Thursday, November 17, 2011

Decidedly Winter

Can you tell ... it's here in earnest now!

With temperatures well below freezing, bone-chilling winds from the northwest, and the skies heavy with snow (which the weatherman promises is sure to dump before day's end) it's a day for staying close to the home fires, if at all possible. And I'm very grateful that I can today.

The other day when the first real snow flurried around us like a tempest in the teapot -- creating a whiteout for a while and leaving its frosted signature on everything in sight -- I thought later it would been a fun time to take some kids and dogs for a tromp down some nature path.

Well today... not so much.  It's decidedly nippy out there.  I know, as I just got back from topping up bird feeders. Rather, it's a morning for staying inside, keeping the twinkle lights on all day, and putting on a bit of seasonal music, something like Vivaldi's Winter from Four Seasons, and then enjoying that second cup of coffee, as blogging friend Sandy always loves to say.

Here's wishing you joy for the journey... 
and everything you need pertaining to life and goodness!



  1. It looks pretty - but kind of cold - stay warm. sandie

  2. We are still anticipating our first snowfall here, Brenda. So I can really appreciate the lovely Vivaldi video. Cinnamon buns sounds like a good idea!

  3. It sounds like a great day to me. I love those days where the only thing to do is stay home, warm and snug with a cup of tea, under a blanket, with a few candles lit and a couple of lamps on.
    I absolutely love your "graced" definition in your sidebar. :)

  4. The snow looks so wintry and white. And here I sit on a Thursday morning, looking out at the liquid amber tree all aglow in shades of sunlit orange and deep red...still waiting for its leaves to begin falling. We are never blessed with snowfall here, so I'm enjoying yours today.

  5. Oh I love that music selection! Perfect for such a nasty weather day. Not that snow is nasty. Oh, who am I kidding. Of course it can be and most especially this early. Sounds as if you've got your cozy groove going.

  6. It tried snowing here yesterday and failed abysmally. Rained instead.

    Stay warm, Brenda. I love the music you've chosen.

  7. Oh my, it's coming, for sure.

    Stay warm and safe.

    Gentle hugs...

  8. That music is just perfect! the weather has taken a turn for the cold here in Michigan too!!

  9. I had to sweep my vehicle off today for the first time....


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