Friday, January 07, 2011

Miss Kitty Visits The Vet

Sometimes silence is golden;
sometimes it's just plain yellow.

~ quote found inside a journal notebook

It was Monday and now it's Friday.  No, I didn't sleep through the week like Van Winkle, but it certainly flew by in a wink!  Haven't been blogging this week because I really wanted to focus on getting my Christmas stuff put away and putting some order back into my basement and office (the two places that seem to get out order the quickest).

They've been predicting snow blizzards and dropping temperatures around here this weekend, so I'm heading out the door to take advantage of the yet-warmer climes to stock up on groceries and add some new things to my library pile.

Miss Kitty and I took a trip to the vet's this morning for her blood work. No other cats there today, just lots of happy dogs who don't seem to mind the vets --- after all it's great place to socialize. 

Met two beautiful standard poodles (Snow and Caeser), a gorgeous black/brown German shepherd named Major, a chubby little black pug who even though she doesn't have much of a nose was quite nosy (as her human pointed out), and a large bull/mastiff female who thought she'd like to crawl on the bench and sit down beside me (only there wasn't room enough for her large self).

Miss Kitty remained quiet in her carrier as we waited... there was no way she was messing with those dogs.

Enjoy your day... and your weekend!


  1. The weeks do fly by quickly, don't they. You enjoy your weekend, too, Brenda.

  2. My week went like that as well! Right outside my window, the sun in the snow storm looks totally awesome! My camera just wouldn't catch the detail, oh well :(

  3. this was a full busy week with putting away Christmas and teaching several classes. On to the New YEAR!

  4. Cute post! Is Miss Kitty OK?

    Getting supplies and staying home sounds like a good plan.

    Enjoy your home.

  5. I like that quote about silence.


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