Sunday, January 02, 2011

Simply Sunday: Lazy Lions

Woke up this morning feeling lazy.... it turns out the world around me seems to feel that way too.  No sign of the sun, not even a yawn at dawn. The weather report predicts snow, but from the peek out my window, even the snowflakes drifting down seem quite lethargic -- don't see any real effort to shore up those predictions!

And moi?  Well, there's no way I'm messing with that lazy feeling either. I went in search of a bookplate I knew I had in one of my hardcover books as it fits the languidness of the day. I love alliteration, and so the rhythm of this phrase has always pleased me:

Lazy lions lounging in the local library  

Other than the plan to make a rich in-the-oven stew that slowly simmers over several hours for our dinner tonight, I'm joining those other lazy lions lounging in the local library -- meaning reading my own books by my own fireside.

Wishing you an enjoyable day, whatever shape it takes!


  1. I'm joining you!
    Love these days of laying around like a lion, getting up only to take care of my needs, mostly of cup of hot "comfort".

  2. Does 3 constitute a club? Been doing nothing much of anything yesterday, today and tomorrow and then it's back to work. Off to church this afternoon though for an hour +. All the best in 2011!

  3. I think we have a quorum! I think sitting / lounging / lanquishing on the chesterfield is a perfect way to spend a day! Enjoy!

  4. sounds fun, I made clam chowder for dinner and it was perfect for our cold day-no snow or sun here either...

  5. I like your new pic.
    As for lazy days...we all need some of those.

  6. Wish I could join at your fireplace,I hope Miss kitty is enjoying her spot at the fireplace today.

  7. So is that an original quote? I like it very much. I have had a few lazy days since Christmas and tomorrow it is time for routine again. I hope to face it like steel or something like that.

  8. I've been lazy for the whole stretch of Christmas break so today I actually worked!!

  9. I'm not sure which sounds better, Brenda, your rich stew in the oven or sitting by the fire with a good book. And you get both!!

  10. Wonderful to find all your comments today........... that lazy lion lounging at the local library seems to have struck a chord for a few of us... yes, let's join the club!

    BTW... that phrase originates from a bookplate I had in the cover of one of my books, so not sure of the author.


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