Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're Leaving At Two O'Clock, Part 1

Mpho Mojapelo / unsplash.com

I've got a question for you today: What is your understanding of "We're leaving at two o'clock"?

When you plan an outing with your spouse and you decide a time when you are leaving, say two o'clock, does that mean you are in the car backing out of your driveway at two o'clock? Does it mean you're at the front door putting on your coat and shoes, shutting off the lights, checking for your keys? Or, does it mean at two o'clock you're gathering the stuff you need to take, brushing your teeth, taking a last drink of water, looking for Kleenex for your purse, making sure the iron is off?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it; I don't have time to share mine at present for sister-in-law is coming this morning and we have to leave for the airport at 10:45 am -- as in we are in the car backing it out of the garage at that time.

The reason I ask this is that I finally realized Hubby and I have 'different' clocks by which we run our lives, but I think I've uncovered a key to understanding it. Stay tuned for more in the next post.

Wishing you timely moments today!


  1. you hit the nail right on the head!
    my in laws have hilarious battles
    over this.

    leaving at one 0'clock means in the
    car and backing out to me.

  2. Here it means that we're in the car backing down the drive. I liket to think anyway. Have great fun!

  3. It would mean I am walking out the door to go to the car....

  4. it depends on your flexibility level, for me it's a goal but I may leave a few minutes later as I gather things. My hubby is very patient and we are usually early or on time as we adjust our leaving time accordingly. lol!

  5. For Jim and I, "leaving at one o'clock" means we're in the car and about 15 minutes from home at one o'clock. Fortunately we both operate on the same kind of clock so it works for us. Not so much for those who want to join us! (-:

    Will be waiting for your take on the situation!!

  6. I had to kind of chuckle over this. I try to be ready to actually leave the house at the appointed time - keys in hand, walking out the door. (Notice I said "try.") My sweetie, on the other hand, is always ready long before me and he sits waiting patiently watching TV or something waiting for me to finish getting ready. But then, I'm ready right on the dot and he decides he suddenly needs to let the dogs out one more time, check the locks, etc. - all things he could have done while waiting for me. It kind of drives me nuts. LOL

  7. Oh the can of worms has been opened!
    I'm never on time - always early!!
    Husband doesn't even own a watch.
    I must stay tuned for the key that you have uncovered!

  8. It means hurry up...or I'm leaving without you!! :)

  9. Because I am married to a punctual man, we are in the car pulling out--sometimes a minute or two before the scheduled time. He is often in the car waiting for me 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time. Oh well . . .

  10. We are both punctual people. Having said that, we are flexible. For a definite appointment we arrive early, for other things we're easy going. I would much rather be the one waiting, than keep someone waiting. To me it's respecting the other person's time. To intentionally keep others waiting, I feel is really playing games as to who is more important, lol! Now, tell me, who can we train our boss to be on time and not 15-30 min. late to every meeting!!

  11. I think leaving at 1:00, means backing out of the driveway at one. I am never late but and most times I am early, Soooooo Brenda next time you visit your mom be sure to be backing out the driveway at 1:00
    I am writing this with a smile!!!!


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