Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three Keys To Leaving On Time, Part 2

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What fun it was to get your feedback about my previous post I found it very interesting that most who left a thoughtful comment seemed to belong to the clan of Being Early-On Time. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rick and I follow 'different' clocks in our lives. He's not only on time, but early for events (or he would be if he could hurry his wife). And me? I admit, ever since I was a girl, I have been a member of the Barely On Time-Running Late clan. No matter how much my mom tried to hurry me along, I was the last one in the car. Fortunately for me, Rick's a very patient man. But still I've been working on not trying his patience too often.

In my view, being late is not a beautiful way to live -- it's not honouring to others. So, over the years, I've worked at it, and I discovered three keys that work for me, for us. (Interesting note, these keys work in many other situations that come up.)

Key One. BE CLEAR that we both understand the same thing when we say 'Let's leave at two o'clock.' So we confirm that that means we're out the door and actually backing the car out at two, not gathering my stuff, doing last minute checks, restocking tissue for my purse, etc.

Key Two. PLAN that it will take me 15-20 minutes longer than I think it will. That has really helped me. So if we need to leave at two o'clock, in my mind we're leaving at 1:45, which then gives me 15 minutes to get all my little tasks done. As I work towards that end, I'm usually all ready and in the car on time.

Key Three. HUMOUR really helps. We purposely find ways to keep things light. One way is to ask Rick how much of the garage he got 'painted' while he waited. It's my way of acknowledging I know I'm a little behind and keeping him waiting, and he has a chance to respond in kind, as he is a man who likes to tease. By the way, he 'painted' the garage several times since we're married -- haha).

I hope one day to be a fully adopted member of the Early-On Time family.  In the meantime, we try to synchronize our individual inner clocks and keep in step. Together. Two hearts. One rhythm.

Now, we're off to meet friends for coffee.
And we're on time!


  1. communication is the key and valuing relationships more than a timepiece.

  2. I hate being late and have always taken the role of Herd Control in the house. Glad you made it to coffee with friends on time!!

  3. There really is some truth to the age-old adage: opposites attrack.

    I've found that hubby and I, over our 44+ years together, are more-and-more alike. Where once he was messy and I was a clean freak, we've both become merely tidy.

  4. My husband is always punctual. Many a time I have caused him to some stress by not being ready on time. After 35 years we have both compromised and we are rarely late. I liked your post.

  5. Wonderful that you take the time to get on the same page and understand what each one means. I'm going to take that one to heart.

  6. You're so cute!
    Love your honesty and humor.
    Tell you what, if it weren't for humor, our marriage would have been on very shakey ground most of the time.

  7. I love that you keep things light, and joke about this issue, to keep from being touchy. I admire that.


  8. Awwww - that was lovely and good advice!

  9. I am definitely in the Early-Right on Time group. I hate being late. In fact, I'd rather not go then be late. This definitely comes from my Mom's side of the family. Her brother would tell everyone that he was leaving for town at such and such a time. If you were not in the car on time, you got left behind.


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