Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blow On The Embers

I still feel a little startled when I see Brenda Ueland's name on her book If You Want To Write. Because with the switch of just two little letters, it could just as easily say Brenda Leyland, do you see?

It's still vividly clear in my mind when Carrie Wilkerson once asked her audience the pointed question, 'How many of you have a book in your head? And when they nodded or raised their hands, she sez, What's it doing in there? Get it out of your head and on paper; nobody can buy it or read it if it's still in your head!'

Which reminds me of something else she said. She says she must implement quickly or it doesn't get done. Oh boy, do I know that! That's exactly what happened with some of my book ideas, not to mention a gazillion other brilliant ideas.

Too often I allowed other assumed duties and responsibilities, not to mention menial chores, take priority. So often I felt unable to pursue the idea while it was 'hot'. Eventually the passion fizzled.

If I would have just pushed through when it was fresh and full of fire, I could well be looking at a finished book with my name at the bottom of the cover, just like Brenda Ueland. And maybe you'd be wanting to read it!
But wait, there's hope! Surely it's possible to fan dying dreams? Try this. Imagine for a moment that perfectly wonderful cruise or holiday you took once. Imagine yourself back in that idyllic time and place. Can you feel? Smell the air? Hear the sounds? Are happy emotions flooding you as you image it?

Couldn't we do the same thing with our dying dreams..... fan the flames by going back to those first few hours, days or weeks when we were dreaming, sleeping, eating about the possibilities?

Couldn't we let those memories flood back, filling our mind and re-igniting our emotions.

I can feel the excitement rising. Do you?


  1. "Implement" is the key word for me. I'm a great dreamer but all the little day to day stuff gets in the way. I need to rearrange my priorities and then "blow on the embers" of those dreams.


  2. good ideas...the other morning I awoke with an idea for my next children's book. Nauvoo Experiences. I want to capture some historical moments from our ancestor's lives in Nauvoo, Illinois where much of the early history of our church took place to introduce our Mormon ancestor's lives to my grandkids. But first I need to complete the project at hand which is my Nature Notes for Kids-poems for my grandkids. It's fun to be creative.

  3. Hi Brenda, This also happens to me with art ... how to keep the inspiration long enough to do a finished idea before a new inspiration takes over! The key is to Focus. Not flitter. And I am a flitterer! I enjoy your writings,
    ~ Violet

  4. Hmmm, fan the flames. Suggestions how?

  5. Keeping those flames fanned is hard, especially when I should be doing something else. But I keep files and notes of everything and once in awhile return to them and the excitement returns.

    When I first saw the book So you want to write, it was on a table at a friend's house and at first glance, I thought it WAS written by you and wondered why you'd never mentioned it on your blog. Then I looked a little closer....

    For now, I'm focusing on finishing my degree, but boy, the urge to write is getting stronger all the time!

  6. You really hit the nail on the head for me on this subject. Now is not the time to hesitate but to start taking action regarding my own writing projects that are swimming around in my head. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Yes...hello Brenda!

    i too have a book floating around in my head, and I sit down to write often! It is yet another one of my passions...

    i find that journaling on a daily basis..even about the most mundane happenings....provides a great link to memories...and it makes for great real life reference ...

    we need to get out of our heads and get it on paper!

    great post!

    ciao bella
    thanks for your visit!

    creative carmelina

  8. Last week I went to a reading and discussion with Sherri Reynolds and she said something that really lit a fire in me: "Everyone has a story; we just have to sit down and fill in the blanks."

    She recommended starting with a character and explore all you can about them and why they do what they do. That, she said, is how she writes -- not by theme or plot. Interesting idea, isn't it??


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