Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little Tree Swallows Just Arrived

What a delightful week it's turning out to be. And so much of the fun is related to the joy of spring's calls in nature. Last evening, it was Momma Duck and her duckling in my backyard. This morning the pair of tree swallows that come each year arrived -- they soared through the backyard just a few minutes ago.

No nest boxes up yet, otherwise those cheeky house sparrows take them over. So Hubby went out and got two nailed back in place on the fence (sorry, the boxes not the sparrows). We found that if we put out two or three boxes, the sparrows can't sit on them all, so last year the tree swallows were actually able to maintain one box and raise a family.

Already the pair is checking out one box, one is sitting atop the roof and other peeking inside the opening. thurrp, thurrp. My guess is that it's Mrs. Swallow checking out the interior. Yes, yes, this will do very nicely for raising our brood. Roomy, not too big for pesky neighbours to squeeze into.

I just came back from visiting My Letters to Emily and today's she's posted the cutest photos of an encounter with a little fox and her puppy. You've got to go and see.

Now I'm off -- here's wishing you a beautiful day.


  1. Always a treat when birds choose your yard to raise their family.

  2. spring is so fun...enjoy every moment, we waited long for it.

  3. I like how you find joy in simple everyday happenings, and I like how you put a story to each post. Another fun visit here.

  4. brenda,

    here i was just admiring your lovely
    photos and prose, and i bumped into
    my name!

    how sweet of you to mention me.


  5. I love bird watching. I had a big woodpecker earlier today!


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