Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mama Duck Comes Visiting

Found Miss Kitty with her face glued to the back door window one day. Wondering what had so captured her attention, I peered out and, to my utter surprise and delight, there was a momma duck and one little downy duckling bobbling through my garden.

We have a storm lake a few blocks over, but how they got here is beyond me; there are so many fences and yards between. There seems to be some consternation now as Momma wants to fly over the fence -- she probably knows which way the lake lies, but does the little duckling, who look like he can't fly just yet?

As I'm sitting here stewing on how they shall manage (and if I need to call wildlife services) it would appear Mother Nature has things in hand, for Momma has a duck-chat with Baby (she's sitting atop the fence quaggling). Then all is still and suddenly there's no sign or sound of either. Guess they found a way.

I love it when I'm allowed those exquisite moments in which to share my space with some of God's beautiful creatures. It's certainly one of those 'now this is the life' times.

Wishing you nature's best,


  1. Welcome back!
    It is a great time of the year for all mama's and their babies.

  2. Nice that you got to enjoy the visitors while they were there. Who knows why ducks choose the places they visit? Maybe this pair knew they'd be welcome...

  3. sounds like a lovely moment where all ends well.

  4. i came over to your sweet blog from
    vee's and am so glad i did.

    what a lovely blog!


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