Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tree Swallows and Kitty Cats

A progress report on our pair of tree swallows. From the three suitable nest boxes Rick mounted in various spots in our backyard garden, Mr. and Mrs. T. Swallow have selected one that works for them. With the tweeting and cooing going on, I could well imagine their excitement. And, this morning we caught sight of the pair of them beginning to gather materials on the ground for their tiny nest.

Which means, Miss Kitty, sweet kitty that she is, has had to be brought back into the house. No more snooping and exploring in the garden for the time being. And, she was having so much fun out there since warmer days descended, that it really breaks my heart to hear her sad, pathetic meows as she sits by the back door!

As with many things in life, there seems to be a mix of bittersweet in all this. We get to enjoy the wonder of birds in the spring time, and Miss Kitty has to wonder why she's been relegated to the house when she was having so much fun.

But there it is... soon, dear Miss Kitty, soon, you'll be free to roam again.

Now I must be off...


  1. Oh just decided to write a line or two about birds, my kitty has been
    gone for three years already, and I still miss him,He was the most
    beautiful orange cat. I have two new baby finches now a white one like mamma and a grey one like the
    father. For some reason he just keeps chirping away tonight even
    though they are usually sleeping by 8 and it is now nine. Has food
    has water, mama is cuddled up to
    the little ones, what is his problem. The birds sing outside in
    the apple tree, maybe its the call of the wild getting to him ha ha here is hoping for a nice sunny day tomorrow, enough of this gloom.

  2. Lin, yes, sometimes that's how it happens.

    Rosalie, Lovely to hear about your birdies. And I know about missing kitty cats. Sully's been gone a few years too, and I still get a hankering for him sometimes.


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