Friday, May 08, 2009

Pretty Tree Swallows

Such a to-doing this morning in our backyard. The little tree swallows are still discussing who gets to lay claim to the nest boxes this season. Located right outside my study window, it's a joy to watch and listen to their pretty chatter. As I'm taking the snaps through the window, they aren't as clear as they could be.

Hope your day is filled with songs of Spring today.


  1. Hello there, Brenda from muggy, voggy Hawaii. Thank you so much for your cybervisit while I was traveling through Vancouver, Victoria and the Seattle area.

    I went strolling happily through your blog today now that I have a teeny bit more time. I love your birds. Those tree swallows are very beautiful.

  2. What beautiful birds! Such a joy!

  3. So much fun to watch those beautiful birds - another one of God's stunning creations. Love your crocuses too! It's been a long winter, it's time they came out to play!

  4. The 3rd shot is quite lovely! The focus is on the swallows, rather than the house behind them! I adore listing the the bird symphony here every day, too!

    Head-bonks from Gandalf and Grayson!

  5. interesting photos, I tried putting on my glasses but it didn't help with the focus...sounds like entertaining neighbors.

  6. There beautiful! I love watching birds and listening to their wonderful voices!!

  7. I love those little swallows. They are so cute!

  8. Oh yes at last it is warm enough outside for the trees to be filled with little song birds twittering
    away. They sing right outside my
    computer room and my four little
    house finches seem like they are talking back to them. I don't know if this is so but seems that way. When I turn on the sound on the computer sometimes some one has
    sent me some really lively music, my birdies go wild they chirp, the
    jump on their swing, then hop first
    one perch and another and just
    go wild. So fun to watch. Lovely
    bird pictures Brenda, I should get
    busy and take up photography as
    if there isn't enough to do haha


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