Saturday, December 09, 2023

What Are You Dreaming Of This Christmas?

"Christmas enters, streaming lights of joy,
ringing bells of hope and singing carols of
forgiveness high up in the bright air."
MAYA ANGELOU,  "Amazing Peace"

I love that cookie tin filled with those yummy looking spice cookies all gussied up in icing art. And that cup of coffee creamed to just the right shade for my taste. I want to hop into the picture, the way I used to long I could live inside the fairy tales I read as a girl. In this dreamy picture, I wouldn't have to worry about how many grams of sugar are in one cookie. And I could enjoy one or two with impunity, savouring their spicy sweetness in every bite, crunching on the little sugar balls. The moment gently cheers. It seems filled with a quietude and maybe relief. Perhaps it's Christmas Eve—where one relishes the moment when the last gift's been wrapped and beribboned. In that bubble of time and space, a holy hush creeps in on the frosty air and whoever that cup of coffee belongs to sits with baited breath. It's the moment she's been waiting for.

As I sit here thinking about what to write today, as I think about all that needs doing, the words I recently read HERE by my lovely blogging friend, Caitlynne, settles on my heart. She mentions how she's been feeling the weight of lists of things to be done, problems to solve, people to take care of. And in the midst of all of that, how these cheering words came to lift her up, "Do not postpone joy." She says there is a call to joy and it's easy to miss, especially when the days—as she puts it—are filled with many brambles to tear through. But then this gentle reminder comes along that no matter what is going on, we must not postpone joy.

I am tickled by that thought and am reminded of that verse in the Old Testament about the joy of the Lord being my strength. How often I repeat the sounding joy of those words when I feel weak or burdened. They are words that somehow energize me to carry on with a lighter heart. So no, I must not postpone the joy that, almost like something miraculous, transforms into strength. I let the joy seep into my heart and mind. My chin lifts and my lips curve upward at the corners. I come away feeling lighter... ready to carry on.

"And that, of course, is the message of Christmas.
We are never alone. Not when the night is darkest,
the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent..."

This morning I came to this post empty worded. I had no agenda, but my heart knew of what it dreamed. A big thank you to Caitlynne for giving me the words I could not find. I wish you all a merry week ahead. May your burdens be lighter and your cares less weighty. And may Joy be your strength.

On a closing note, it snowed earlier in the week, and we've been delighting in a winter wonderland. I'm starting to finally feel more myself in my body - the dizziness is fading. Thank you for your care and concern. I've been wrapping presents and writing out Christmas cards, letting the lights of the tree twinkle at me, even through the day when the sun is shining. We're dreaming of a beautiful week ahead, and I'm wishing you the same.     

Heart hugs,

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(Top) Image by Hansuan Fabregas from Pixabay


  1. Thank you Bren for your words of encouragement πŸ‘©‍🎀. Christmas since Earl my wonderful hubby graduated to Heaven has always been difficult...... I make a List of all the beautiful things we have had.......1st is all the wonderful families we were fortunate to have been the head wonderful new apartment.......and the new friends I have found........with all my new things, I treasure all that was old! Oh did I mention Miss Kali that came to me from my friend to be my buddy! 😊. Try to see Joy & Hope in this lovely season! Love to all our families whom I could have not have made the move without their help........♥️. πŸŽ„. πŸ’š. Merry Christmas Bren to you and yours and your Family & Friends. Love Norma. πŸ’œπŸ‘©‍🎀. Have a Blessed Season!

  2. That is a most lovely most, Brenda. You bring Christmas right to the eyes, ears, and nose of the reader. So nice! Like anonymous, Christmas has changed for me. Yes, it's still beautiful but I keep glancing to all the years of the wood fire crackling in the fireplace, the French doors opeining to a splendorous try, and on and on. That is lall gone now. I am in an apartment and even when friends stop it, it's for very short periods of time. So I am alone a lot and it does feel lonely. Still, I must accept and adapt as my "forever love' used to say. Thanks for being one of the dark world's lights, Brenda. A most blessed Christmas is wished for you. Sincerely, Susan

  3. I'm so sorry you've had health concerns lately, Brenda, and do hope things are better soon. It's wonderful that your blog friend's post reminded you to not postpone joy and has gladdened your heart. The G.K. Chesterton Advent devotional I've been using has emphasized that also and reminded me that our purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Your post also brought back memories of my children singing very loudly with the other children at church the little song, "the joy of the Lord is my strength" over and over very emphatically. I know I'm going to be thinking of that little song all day now!

    Taylor Caldwell's quotation is certainly one for the middle of the night worries. I hadn't thought of her in ages but a good many of her novels are on my shelves somewhere, one of our strong women authors of the mid-century. Heroes are still all around to encourage us. Your blog post has encouraged me. Be well soon, Brenda!

  4. Brenda, your words are an encouragement to me. Thank you.

  5. Yes, that photo is so enticing. I want to squeeze into it too. And you words, as usual, uplifting and bright.

  6. What a lovely blog and for someone who didn't know what to write it was lovely to read! I could eat those cookies too with a good book, I've just discovered Elizabeth Berg I think you'd like her books.

  7. Tears in my eyes that a little post has gone some distance for you. So many times, it was you who scattered light beams into a spirit wearied by life - and life bloomed each time words from your post returned light and hope to me. This post here is no different. Joy is now within sight🩷 Thank you so much, Brenda.

  8. Thank you Brenda, your posts always lift me. I have to hold tight to Taylor Caldwell's words 'We are never alone'.

  9. Good morning Brenda☺️πŸŽ„,
    Always, always your words and “word pictures” bring light, comfort and joy!!!! LOVED the photo you chose . It does convey that “fairytale like “ Christmas spirit !!
    I am very happy to hear that you ARE feeling better!!!!! I hope you are continuing to feel progress especially as our days before Christmas are winding up!
    With that “busyness” in mind, I often go to “Daily Prayer.US” . The music offering in today’s devotional ( 12/13) is a lovely gift of calm!!! I hope you and your fellow fans will access it!
    When I realize that Christmas is “all of a sudden” 11 days away, I feel my stomach tense up! This musical selection is one I will somehow find and keep to replay every Christmas! Hope you can listen and take some minutes to help bring “a hush!”
    Yes, as Caitlynne said , your blogs are full of “light,” bringing true joy and comfort to SO many!!!!!!!
    Keep getting better!!!!πŸ™Wishing you lovely moments in this Advent time.πŸ’–πŸ™πŸŽ„
    ~ Ann from Ohio

  10. Brenda,

    I can relate to what you’ve shared. I smiled as you described your grin starting, and feeling joy coming on!

  11. Oops and that was me, Deanna Rabe, who commented above!

  12. Oh what a great post...yes let us not postpone the joy. If we wait for it to come when everything is perfect - we will certainly miss it. I know you are finding yours. Hugs!


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